Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 3

Patley’s POV

I walked briskly into my room with my booth making loud thud sounds.

“She’s such a pest!” I grunted and pushed open my door. Just to see Stephanie on the bed going through some chaplets.

Steph’s my Roomie and we pair same bed.

“Where have you been?” She asked drifting her pretty eyes to me.

” Montana’s garden” I replied and bent low to remove my shoes.

“Montana’s garden? What were you doing there?” She asked sitting straight.

“Community service of course, with that Crazy Miriam. Sister Mag made me babysit her all through” I complained as I removed my bare feets from the shoes and gently placed it in a safe corner.

“Another Community service for her? What did she do this time around?” Stephanie squealed and I saw interest in her eyes as she expected a full gist from me.

“She used my cape to dry clean that dirty cat. She called me a sick fuck too” I whispered the last part and Steph couldn’t help but gasp.

“Holy Mary!” Where covered her mouth.

” The same reaction sis Mag gave” I rolled my eyes.

” Has she gone for prayers?” She asked as she removed her hands from her mouth.

”does it look like I care? I pray she forgets to. cause I want the creator to punish her for it.” I bluntly stated to Steph’s face.

” Patley! That’s not nice you know” she retorted feeling disappointed at my outburst.

Not my fault, I just hate that idiot. I don’t know why. Ever since her mom dumped her here, I’ve never liked her.

I vividly remembered her eight years old stupid face crying bitterly for her mom to come take her away. Then I was just fourteen.

I wish she never came here. I wish sister Mag had thrown her out in the streets the day her mom never showed up as she promised to.

This convent gives me sick bumps as long as she is here.

” Pat I know you don’t like Miriam but please get to know her . She’s fun. ” Stephanie spoke out again.

Can’t this wench shut up already?

She’s almost like Miriam. She can’t just hide the fact for a moment how much she likes the stupid Miriam and cherish their friendship.

Good thing she’s In my good book. I would have made this room a living hell for her.

Why didn’t Sis Mag consider Samantha before making Steph my Roomie.

I prefer Samantha’s company to this idiot’s.

” Shut up and never speak of her to my face again !” I shouted at her and angrily left the room.

Slamming the so hard.

Crazy Miriam!

Stupid Stephanie!

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