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“What are you doing ther Miriam? ” I asked again.

She seem really shocked to even look at my face. Her body was still pierced to the door and I wonder why she was standing there. Isn’t that the door to her room?

Isn’t it a little odd to be peeking outside it?

We just end d the Morning devotion which I doubt she attended. Mag and I have something to tell hell, that’s why I came looking for her.

“Hmm-mm” I cleared my throat. So she’ll know am still here waiting for her response.

“…uhn..Good morning Mommy Audrey” she grinned wide swiftly turning her face to me.

I twitched, I love it when she calls me that. ‘Mommy Audrey’ ..

But she only calls me that when she’s up to something

“Miriam?” I called with a straight face. Reminding her of my unanswered question.

“I saw a Rat!” She rushed out.

“A rat?”

“Yes a Rat! …one rat. No Two! I mean three, four Rats!” She continued as I arched at her in a weird way.

“Rats” I swallowed in. I hate Rats.

“They were in group. Yes yes in group. I bet they were more than four. ….they ran into this room..”

She paused and pressed her ears back on the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked but she “Ssshhhed” me

“They are in there planning something Big. I was just trying to listen to what they were saying before you came” she whispered.

“Rats? Talk?”

Now I am confused.

“Not just talk. They are averagely big with long fangs and for short, they are monstrous!”

“Monstrous?” I shrinked at the last statement. I hate Rats!

What in God’s name would rats be doing in this convent? If they are that monstrous, it means just one thing.

They are messengers from hell

“Mommy Audrey you need to be scared of them. They are too scary for your age and I…..

Her voice trailed off when the door creaked.

The door’s knob twisted, I swallowed hard and crossed my head with the cross on my neck as it slowly opened.

Miriam took two steps backwards and I followed suite.

Could it be those Rats? Are they that big to open a door?

They must be really had as Miriam has described.

I am old, Yes. But I haven’t forgotten how to use my legs when need be. I can still put on a race like a teenager.

I surveyed the passage and readied my legs. In case this truly happens to be the Rats. I am set for my heels.

The door halfway opened and I couldn’t wait longer to see the worse.

I raised my Casock and picked to my heels.

My plan is to run back to my office and lock myself up till this whole Rat thing is sorted out and…

“Old Audrey?”

I stopped running when I heard my name.

“Patley?” I breathe hard as I turned back to see patley who obviously was the one that came out of the room instead of Rats!

“Why are you running?” She asked

I cleared my throat and adjusted my dress as I walked back to her.

How embarrassing this is gonna be! Telling her I was actually running thinking she was the rat.

“I thought I…” I paused for a moment and turned to Miriam who on her own couldn’t hold back the laughter that roared out of her mouth

It’s a prank!

“Is this the rat? ” I asked looking rather stupified.

“I suppose so” she added as she laughed harder.

“Rat? What rat?” Patley asked staring at the both of us.

“Miriam said she saw Rats and….”

I turned again to Miriam who on her own was trying so hard to suppress her laughter.

“There was no Rat, was There?” I asked. Shooting her a deadly glare.

She quickly swallowed in and shooked her head confirming my thought.

“I just wanted to…

“You wanted to what? This another of your pranks right?”

Miriam has a strange way of playing games with someone’s intelligence. I never knew till this moment that one day, she’ll play mine. How easily I fell for it.

“I am sorry” she bowed her head.

“Save it. You are coming with me this instant!” I shot at her.

“I am in trouble right?”

“You are always in trouble Miriam” I straightened and left her out of that place.


I quietly followed old Audrey to Sis Mag’s office.

It’s fun playing pranks on the sisters. But never have I for once thought of the consequences.

And by the way, I never knew old Audrey could run so fast.

See the way she picked to her heels. I almost mistook her for an athlete.

I thought inwardly as I suppressed the urge to laugh.

I must be in a big trouble now. For making a fool out of her.

“We are here” she said as we entered the office.

“Oh Miriam…” Sis Mag called with a smile.

“Good morning sis Mag” I greeted.

Why is she smiling? Does smile comes before punishment?

What punishment would be meted on me this time around?

Community service? Am well known for that punishment. Jeez. They should give their best dhot

They should at least try something new this Time around

Like washing the convent zinc, mopping the tile road or worse, counting the sands outside.

“Have you told her already” sister Mag asked.

O’great. Lemme guess, they planned my punishment already.

“Nope. Do the favours” old Audrey twitched.

“Told me what?” I asked in a confused state.

The two old sisters stared at me for a while, boring me with their eyes

“Tell me already” I sighed.

“Miriam dear” Sis Mag started.

“You’ll be going to see Mama Tomorrow” she announced.

My jaws parted all of a sudden.

Wait. What?


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