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“You mean my dad was that mean?” She asked in shock

“Yes” I nodded in response

She became quiet all of a sudden and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on her mind.

I’ve finally found explained things to her about her late father and how he died. I told her how it all happened without hiding a part from her.

“So what did the police do after he was discovered dead?”

“I got arrested for sure .. I was trief and found guilty of charge. I didn’t have a good lawyer to back me up. I had no money to hire one. I was so stranded and there was no one to stand by me. No single soul.

Most of my friends deserted and considered me terrible for taking the life of a man.

I was later condemned to thirty years imprisonment with hard labor.

I cried so much that day cause you were all I was thinking about. I kept wondering if I’ll ever see you again. I still couldn’t live with the fact that I won’t watch yo grow into a woman.

I couldn’t bear such thought so I pleaded with a friend to be my eyes in watching over you.

She agreed and came back almost everyday with news. She’d stick around the convent and ask few questions on how you were faring.

Though I warned her not to disclose to anyone about my situation at hand.

It went on like that for a year until finally, she moved out of town with her family and we lost contact.

I was drawn back to my hopelessness and I resigned to my fate. There was never a day I didn’t miss you or pray for your safety and forgiveness.

I knew it was tough for you too because I sensed you were missing me as well.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years … I was still behind bars. Life in prison wasn’t easy for me at all.

Then, God answered my cries and brought an helper to me after eight years in prison.

John came to my rescue .

It was like a dream come true when I heard a lawyer was fighting for my case. I had lost all hope already. But he brought back my Hope.

John and I had been child hood friends for long before his father’s Death.

After the death of his dad, him and his mom moved out of the country for reasons I don’t know of.

We didn’t see or talk to each other till he finally returned back to his childhood home where he got to know about my situation.

Being a strong-willed Lawyer, he fought for my case relentlessly until I was vindicated and proved innocent of all charges.

I didn’t know how to thank him. I was so happy and grateful to him.

After my release, he offered me accommodation in his place for the meantime to i get a place of my own. I had sold my house in the process of bailing myself out from cell when I got arrested.

Months past by and we became fond of each other. We started developing feelings for ourselves which led us into a relationship. We dated for some Time before he finally proposed.

We got married few weeks later and that’s where Paula came into the picture.

Since the birth of Paula I haven’t been myself cause she was a constant reminder of you.

I was too scared to show my face at the convent cause My subconscious filtered Alot of imagined words which the sisters were gonna throw on me.

That’s why I sent words instead. I was so ashamed that I failed you as a mother…..”

I finished my narration wiping off my wet face. I didn’t realize I was in tears. It hurts so much and I can’t bear the burden of watching my daughter think I abandoned her in the hands of the sisters.

Miriam was quiet all through and after my explanation. She remained mute and lost in thoughts..

“I– I d-didn’t know…” Her voice trailed off

“I …. I didn’t know you went through all that for my sake. And I had to judge you wrongly”

I could sense the bitterness that coated her words.

“There’s no way you could have known Miriam. There was no possible way anyone could have predicted such”

I wiped my teary face with my back palm. The tears were pouring out uncontrollably.

I never intended to end up crying before my daughter today. I just hope she finds a way in her heart to forgive me.

“….I’m sorry”

It came out as a whisper from her. Her voice shaky and filled with emotions.

“I’m so sorry” she broke down in tears.

“I should never have judged you as a bad person. I shouldn’t have…

“Sshh…” I calmed her down as she ranted out those words off her shaky lips

“It’s okay. You didn’t know” I added placing my hand on hers.

Her eyes fell on our hands together,… Her Face was sadly unreadable.

She looked up at me with pleading eyes.

“C-can I call you mom?” She asked with a teary voice. Her Face covered in tears.

“I will be the happiest being on Earth if you call me that” I replied truthfully as soft sobs escaped my throat.

“Mom!” She cried crashing into my arms..

“You are the best mom in the world”

The joy I felt in me the moment she dived into my arms was undescribable. I felt like a weight has been lifted out from my heart.

A child I haven’t looked in an embrace for so long.

A child I thought I’d never seen again….

She’s right here in my arms … And I feel so refreshed and Happy.

“I love you” I whispered into her ears as I placed a soft kiss on her hair…

I love you so much

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