Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 22


“Don’t even think of Running out” I warned shooting her a death glare the minute she took slow steps backwards.

Is she mad? She’s seeing me with a gun and she’s thinking of running out?

What does she take the gun for? A toy?

I contemplated within as I watched her take an abrupt stop.

“Come close” I instructed and she obeyed without hesitation.

Causing me to smirk hard.

the Miraculous power of gun

“What was your message again?” I arched, as if I didn’t know already.

“N-Nothing” she stuttered as sweats tricklled down her forehead.

“Nothing? So I’m here for nothing huh? ” I angrily stood up , walking swiftly over to her and gripped her by her collar.

“I ask again Stephanie. What was your fvcking message?” I repeated through gritted teeth pressing the gun to her head.

  • I acknowledge the fact that I just used a sh°tty cuss words in the house of the creator. It’s a sin, I Know. Even the gun I’m holding right now is a sin. Everything I’m doing here is a sin!

No worries, I’m gonna pray later for mercy*

I assured myself shaking off such distracting thought.

“You don’t wanna repeat it huh?” I asked gripping her more hard. Almost choking her red.

I swear this was never part of the plan.

My plan was just too threaten with the gun and not physically hurt her.

Why is she proving so stubborn?

Do I always have to do things the hard way?

“Pat I….” She coughed.

I think she’s ready to talk.

I reduced my grip on her giving her some air to speak up. With my gun still pointed to her head…

Just in case of anything

She coughed hard at my sudden release.. before she finally spoke out.

Repeating what she had earlier said to Samantha.

“So? After seeing us sneak out, what was your decision? You wanted to report to the authority huh?… So they’ll do what?”

“How many person’s have you told about this? ” I went on asking.

She paused for a while before letting her mouth curve out a “Nobody”

“Don’t lie to me Steph! Who have you told about this?”

“I swear Nobody!” She repeated in fear.

I felt a little relieved. Good thing she hasn’t told anyone.

“Good. So keep it that way” I exhaled sharply retrieving the gun from her head.

Bet she’ll be d@mn scared to tell a soul after what I just did to her…

“Steph…if you by any chance tell a soul what you saw last night, I’ll blow your brain out and feet your lifeless body to the wild Animals.

So you better keep shut!”

I threatened one last time.

I need to hide back my gun.. and not in Stephanie’s presence…

No way..

“Get out” I ordered and without hesitation, she scrambled out of the room.


I knew those two were hiding something from the start.

Very soon, I’ll be back at the convent and begin my investigation on those two.

..they are really something else.

I made sure to warn Stephanie not to report a thing to Sis Mag and old Audrey.. till there’s enough evidence.

An evidence against those two.

I concluded within as I laid back on my bed to sleep.

Besides, tomorrow is my outing with Catherine and I don’t need anything to ruin my mood…

Next Morning: 10:00@m

I waited patiently waited for Catherine. I’m already prepared… And yes, I’m the only one at home.

Mom took Baby Pauly to the hospital. She’s feeling a little sick this morning and she needs treatment.

I was putting on my favorite skirt which was way-past my knee level with a white top which is exactly my size.

I smiled in satisfaction checking myself out on the mirror.

“This outfit is perfect ”

Minutes Later

“This outfit sucks! ” Catherine uttered in disgust. staring vividly at me from my head to my toes…

“What? You don’t like it? It’s my favorite” I replied truthfully.. checking out the clothes again. What’s wrong with it?

I really don’t see a fault in it.

This is my favorite cloth and the sisters mostly Stephanie loves it too. .she most times borrow it for some special use.

“I don’t like it! Go change into something better” she bluntly retorted.

“This is the best of all my clothes”

“What?????” She arched in puzzlement.

“Come with me” she dragged me along.. leading me out of my house to her own house…


“You need a change of clothe Miriam. There’s no way you are wearing this sh°t out wit me” I replied Feeling so disgusted at her clothes..

I led her straight to my room and opened my wardrobe, bringing out most of the clothes which I think would look good on her.

“Here. Try this” I gave it to her..

She took it and stared long at it in disapproval.

“What?” I arched..

“I can’t wear this. I’m a Nun”

Whoaa that explains a lot..

“Does the place we are going look like a church? Dress like a nun in your convent. Not here!

If you’re going with me, you must put on a change of cloth” I protested.

She’s a Nun? That literally explains the reason she’s always on such outdated clothes.

“Fine” she sighed out in defeat as she tried them on…




We finally settled on one which she preferred. Cause she had ignorantly complained that the previous one’s were too short and skimpy.

She dressed herself into a legging jean short, small black handless top and a black jacket backed up with heels.

I could sense she wasn’t comfortable with any of it. Especially the shoe..

she’ll come around..

I smirked, staring stalwartly at her….

D@mn!!!!! She look Hootttt!

“You look hot” I remarked.

“Hot?…. But I feel okay and besides the air conditioner in this room is enough to cool me down.”

She burst out you, touching her forehead and neck…

I almost laughed out at her reaction to my comment… What does she take ‘Hot’ for??

“Naughty! I meant you look good” I corrected… Causing her cheeks to turn red.

“Oh really? Thanks… Even though it isn’t too confy putting on these” she smiled..

I waved her off and led her out of the house..

“So, who’s Ready for a tour around town?”. I winked at her, walking over to where I had parked my vehicle…

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