Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 34


Saying I’m surprised to see Stephanie is a total understatement.

I do not know what to feel right now.

How did she even know I’m here?

I thought they no longer care about me..

Stephanie finished untying my hand which was bruised by now. Those guys are animals for doing this me.

“Quick! Loosen your leg” she whispered.


“I know what you want to say… You can thank me later but please save it till we’re out of here. That red-eyed guy gave me less than thirty minutes”

“Alright” I did as she instructed and hurried with my leg.

I freed myself from the ropes and she helped me up.

“Gosh! Steph I feel like kissing you right now” I squealed in excitement.

“Eeeww! Gross” she almost puked at my statement.

“You are certainly the best friend for me best best..!”

I pulled her into an embrace.

“Alright! Alright that’s okay already’ she pulled out from me.

“Let’s talk on how to leave this place. We have just two guys in the building … We could use the window. I have a bike outside. I’d ride us to….

“The pope Stephanie! The pope is in danger and we need to do something about that.”

“Yeah I know. You could have just let me finish my statement. I was gonna say something about the pope..” she eyed me.

“Alright.. fine go on”

“As I was saying… I’ll ride us to the police station and make a complaint. Then we’d leave the rest for the police”

“What about patley? She’s the mastermind behind all this.. she has to be punished too..” I added.

“Who ever said she’ll go Scottfree? Let’s just save the pope first cause as we speak, Skylar and his men are on their way for an ambush. The pope presently is in a five star Hotel. So they plan to kidnap him on his way to church by 3@m…” Steph explained and I nodded to her every word.

Brilliant plan!

“So what you’re saying now is that we ride to the police station and report the case so they’d send men over to the hotel to protect the pope… And also send to arrest Skylar and his men .. isn’t that so?”

“Yeah…then when it’s dawn and all this is settled, we’ll match to the convent with the police to get patley arrested..” Steph added.

“That’s great. So let’s plan on how to leave here….” I responded pacing about.

“We could use the window … right?” Stephanie suggested swiping the thick curtains aside..

Gosh! There is no window?

“How do we make it out without a window?” She panicked.

“Oh God! This is definitely not how I planned to die miriam”

“Stop panicking Steph! Let’s think of something…” I hushed her…

“He said we have just less than a minute, there’s no time to think!” She whisper yelled at me In frustration.

She’s right… We have no time..

“Let’s try something new then” I rolled out… Staring at the small wooden table before me.

“What do you have in mind?” She asked..

I picked up the small portable table

“Let’s pull out the legs together…drag the other end while I drag her”

Without questions she obeyed and with so much Force, we pulled out two legs..

“Why did we pull out the legs miriam? What are you up to?”

I breathe out, this is gonna sound craaaazzzzyyyy in her ears but… I think it’s our only ticket out of here.

“Scream.. I want you to scream out loud Steph”

“What???? What’s wrong with you? Our plan here is to escape without getting caught and you’re telling me to scream?

Screaming will only attract them here and it’ll get us into more trouble…” She ranted out.. staring wide at me in puzzlement.

“No questions please. Just scream… If anyone comes here, I’m right behind the door..I’ll strike with this wood in my hand.” I retorted …

“You sure about that?”

“Definitely! That’s the only idea I have right now . Trust me, it’ll work.”

I assured her rushing over to the back of the door..

“Scream!” I mouthed and…..

She screamed out like a chicken..

I’m scared as hell right now. My hands can attest to that now cause it’s quivering.

I breathe out and began taking slow counts.

Steph screamed out again and just as expected, the door opened and he entered.

“What the hell is…??? Where the Fvck is the ẞitch I tied up ??” He asked staring at the loosed rope on the floor.

“T-There…” Steph stuttered pointing at the back of the door.

He c0cked his head a little and turned to my direction…

“Hi” I smiled , lacing his head with the wood in my hand..

I hit him again on the both side of his face and he collapsed… Spitting out blood.

“Is he dead?” Steph inquired. Fear clearly in her eyes.

“Nahh.. he’s sleeping so well. He’s out for a while” I replied.

“Let’s go steph..” I gestured walking out of the door.

“One down, one more to go” I muttered as Steph left the way…

She alone knows the way out so all I did was follow behind..

We walked along a passage until she suddenly came to a stop.

“The other one is right over there… Watching TV” she whispered..

I peeped through and yeah. She’s right… He’s sitting close to the entrance door so we can’t really pass without getting seen by him…

“Wait…” I mouthed to Steph and pulled her behind.

“Have you heard about something called ‘Timing and Throw’?” I muttered, timing my hand at his direction.

I’m gonna knock him out from here…

Just ‘Time’ the target and…..’Throwww’

I threw the wood in my hand over to where he was sitted and it landed straight on his bald head with a force.

Before he could realise anything, I rushed over and laced his face with two heavy punches.. and….

He passed out.

“Done! And dusted… Let’s role” I thumbed Steph and she walked out with a smile of relief.

“Jeez miriam you’re one hell of a lady!”

“Yeah .. you can say that again… Let’s hurry out of this place before they wake up.. they are just out for a little while..”

“Alright… Come with me.. I parked my bike not too far from here”..

“Who said anything about using a bike huh?” I smirked…

Picking up the car key from the small glass table ..

“Let’s have a quick ride in a car”

I threw the key to Steph and she caught it in air.

“That’ll be cool”




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