Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 21


Wendy screamed making me freak out… I glared at the guy she stood beside

“Who are you” I growled angrily and he rolled his eyes

He looked really rich so I should have expected that

He took out his pure diamond laid cellphone

“Bring an ambulance quickly”he said calmly when the person answered…his accent alone was out of this world…

After that he dropped the call

“Michael it hurts” she shouted more as she dragged his clothes making them to be really close

“Shh…I am so sorry” he said a multiple times making me more impatient

Who is this guy and why does he act like he owns the world

I just realised that he is Korean..Wendy passed out in his arms making him glare at me

“See what you caused” he said making me roll my eyes

“That’s my sister in your arms…the only thing keeping me back from punching you is that you might be the one who saved her life”i said and he chuckled but didn’t say anything

“Wendy” I heard mom’s voice shout behind…I left them in the car to meet the shock of my life

“Michael Yu”mom mumbled looking at the Korean guy infront of me

“Mrs Johnson “he said with a smile making me roll my eyes…so he can be polite

“Thank you for whatever you did for my daughter” mom said as she rushed to Wendy

“It’s okay mom” he said and I clicked my tongue. This proud jerk can really act nice

“But what happened and did you call an ambulance” mom said as she caressed Wendy’s skin softly

She still touches her like she is an egg. “She passed out after seeing this frog here and an ambulance is on the way”he said making my mouth drop

Who is he calling a frog “Hey who is a frog?”I asked making both of them laugh

“You will never change Jordan” he said as he patted my shoulder

Thank God this is a quite street or else there would have been paparazzi all over us

“So you know me but you still acted rude to me” I said with an eye roll and he smirked

“So you still don’t remember me…I mean I expected you to shout with happiness when you saw me but you acted all rude making me act cold to you” he said making me more confused..I looked at his face

“Namjoon”i shouted with a huge smile and he giggled like a girl

Mom took Wendy while we hugged like our lives depended on it

Michael or as I used to call him by his native name Namjoon is my childhood bestfriend

When me and Wendy were young mom decided to send us to Korea for safety reasons

We became really close like brothers and everything changed when he had to pursue his music career and I had to pursue my business one

So I came to New York while he stayed in Seoul

“Man why didn’t you bring her back as soon as you got her”i said with a frown

“Hey don’t jump into conclusions cause I just came to Los Angeles last week to finish my backet list of doing a surgery and luckly it was successful…after that I found that it was Wendy who I saved but I couldn’t take her back to you cause if she saw you early after waking up…It could have ruined her memory completely ” he said and I smiled

An ambulance arrived at that moment and that’s when they all came out off the car

“Wendy” dad said as tears flowed from his eyes…well isn’t this the best day of my life

I found my best friend and my dead sister…and I saw my dad who vowed to never cry,cry

“Well where is the man who doesn’t cry”i asked and he hastily wiped his tears

“Shut up”he sneered making the paramedics who where taking Wendy and all of us laugh


“Wake up” Wendy patted me while I groaned

“What?”i whined as I opened my eyes “don’t you wanna prank cotton candy”she said making me chuckle as I sat up

“What time is it?”i asked as I yawned

“4 am”she said and my eyes widened “what!”I shouted but she was quick to cover my mouth

“Come on and stop whining like a baby” she and I rolled my eyes

It’s been a day that she came back from the hospital.. Luckly she regained all her memory and after she found out that I was double J’s girlfriend…

She has been really close to me…she even cried saying that she is scared of ghosts and she wants me by her side

When double J disagreed about me sleeping with her she reminded him who was the sick patient

She is really fun and crazy and she is really making this trip amazing for me but for double J I would say the opposite cause he hasn’t even touched me one bit

Whenever he tries Wendy would complain that she wants to have sister time with me and double J’s hands will infect me

We got to his room to find him peacefully sleeping

“Do you have make up” she asked and I mumbled a no

“I bet mom has one” she said and we sneaked to her parent’s room to find them asleep while cuddling

That is so cute… wish it was me and double J but the distracting kid is here

We took the make up from her cosmetic bag …

We made our way to his room to find him awake

Oh…oh we just got bursted

“Witches”he shouted and the whole family members came running in

The laughed as we stood really close to each other with the comestic bag

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