Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5


“Jordan Johnson “he said still holding that disgusting smirk of his

“Max Jackson “I said slowly standing up…”So you still have balls to call my name or are you trying to snatch her the same way I snatched her from you”he whispered to my ear cause I was too close to him and I bet Rose didn’t hear a thing

“Maybe….You will never know”i said…the whole time Rose was just looking like a movie

“So you guys know each other…you just saved me from introductions “she said with a grin

Only if she knew we hated each other like hell “See you at work”i said to Rose and quickly left before she could say anything

Why didn’t she tell me she had a boyfriend and how long have they been dating

I smacked my head as I walked to my car and started driving

I hate Max…Why does he always have to be the one snatching my loved ones…not like Rose is my loved one but she means a lot to me since she is my smile keeper

First he took Emily from me to only break her heart…he just wanted to take her from me to prove that he was better than me

And losing Emily as my girlfriend really broke me a lot because she was like this precious gem to me…I loved her with my heart but she didn’t feel the same. Cause if she felt the same she wouldn’t have chose him over me when she knew we hated each other dearly

I swore on my sister’s grave that I wouldn’t care about any girl but Rose changed that only to find out she is another victim of his tricks..and it hurts but I don’t care I just want to mind my own business so I don’t care

I arrived at work and everywhere was still quiet like when I left

One thing I like about my workers is that they fear me enough to not waste their time gossiping lies…instead all they do is work

I went to my office to find it cleaned up and back to normal but I just couldn’t concentrate…all I thought about was Rose

Was he kissing her and holding her butt…have they ever had sex..does she love him

Yes dummy why would she date him when she doesn’t love him my subconscious mind said while I just groaned and closed my eyes as i rested my head on my office chair

Why am I thinking all this…it is non of my business by the way

I found myself drifting to sleep


Through the lunch with Max all I thought about was double J…Why was he so dull when he left

I know I should be happy with Max but I miss double J’s cute smile and face

“So when are you planning to let me in”Max asked “let you in where??” I asked pretending like I couldn’t understand him

“Stop playing dumb…you know we have been dating for 3 months and we haven’t done anything intimidate “he said I choked on my chips while he chuckled

“Sorry here is water “he said and handed me water while I hurriedly took it and gulped the whole thing

“It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it yet..I will just wait “he said and i smiled at him

I don’t know but the butterflies I had while I first met him are gone

His smile isn’t charming anymore and his eyes ain’t cute anyone

What is happening to me

“I have to go back to work”i said standing up and giving him a kiss

“I will drop you off”he said and stood up and put his hand around my waist…I really felt uncomfortable

I wanted to tell him to remove the hand but then he is my boyfriend

I opened my door and he opened his and we both sat in

He isn’t romantic as double J after all

Soon we got to work and I left for double J’s office before going to mine

I don’t know but I just wanted to make sure he is fine after leaving the restaurant looking all dull

I found him asleep and a crazy plan got it into my mind

I quickly ran to the nearest shop and bought face paints

I ran back to the office…I did everything slowly on his face so he wouldn’t catch me red handed

He looked like a beautiful crazy gorilla when I was done with my magic work

I went back to my office …only two hours left for work to end for the day

I started working till two our was gone…”Nigga “I shouted jerking him up from his sleep

“F–k you…that is not a proper way to wake someone even though you had a wonderful time with your boyfriend”he said rudely which made me laugh cause he looked more ugly with his gorilla face

“Is there anything funny that I said”he said staring deeply into my eyes and I bit my bottom lip to stop me from bursting into uncontrollable laughter

I shook my head “No I just wanted to tell you that the work for the day is done “i said breathing in deeply so that I don’t laugh

“I wonder why you are acting weird “he said as he packed his files and stood up to walk with me

Next time i am definitely drugging him so I can wear him a gorilla costume with a tail

We got out and as soon as we got to the hallway …all the workers bursted out laughing while some even fell to the floor and some taking pictures of him

He was confused as hell making him more ugly that I joined the workers in laughing…wow this prank was a hit…I wish I could embarrass him infront of his workers more often cause now he looks so stupid

He quickly walked to the mirror in the wall to look at himself “Rose!!”he shouted and I quickly ran outside hailing for cabs

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