Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 8


“Ice cream chillin chillin ice cream chillin “I kept on singing as double J kept on telling me to shut up cause he thinks my voice is like a grinding machine

And I know my voice is cute like Ariana Grande’s own

“Can you keep it down cause my car windows are so close to cracking up”he said and I chuckled

“Jealousy doesn’t pay brother jealousy doesn’t pay”i said patting his head like he was some 8 year old boy

“You know I am not your boyfriend right”he said and I sticked my tongue out for him to see clearly and he frowned

“And I ain’t your girlfriend”i said and he chuckled and kept quite while I went back to my singing to just piss him off but he kept quite “wow..what a wonderful mansion for an a—–e like you”i said and he clicked his tongue…I am not joking. It is really classy with glass doors and everything. I must say I finally found something good in him

“You know Rose this is my house so you will do what I say or you will sleep outside the house and Incase you wondering what I am trying to say is my house my rules “he said and i laughed sarcastically

“I am not the one who lied to get myself here and you know mister no one messes with Rose Turner and get away with it so deal with it “i said and walked to his door swaying my ass side to side…he chuckled

“What are you doing??”he asked his voice sounding huskier than usual

“Shaking what my mom gave me”i said and stopped and started tweaking while he just looked at my ass…this pervert

“Too bad you will never taste it”i said and walked away

‘”We will see about that”he said while his voice sounded more husky and I just laughed sarcastically…he is full of jokes

Luckly the door was open so I just walked in

“What”i gasped as i walked in…everything seemed like diamonds like everywhere was glass while shining beautifully

“Who are you?”i asked dramatically when I felt his presence

“Your boss “he said in a chuckle.i have never saw a beautiful mansion like this…I quickly slumped on the blue couch taking the tv remote

I switched on the t.v and found my favorite show playing which is K.C undercover…I just love how she kicks asses at a young age

I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t even realise double J sitting beside me

“This shit is boring…i am just going to bath and maybe i will make lunch after bathing”he said and I just nodded not even glancing at him

Soon the show ended and I groaned as I saw that the one that was coming after it was my least favorite

I walked over all over the house and finally I found the kitchen so I went and took an apple from the fridge

I was still washing it when someone’s body pressed mine behind making me shiver

“Jor-dan”i stuttered and I could feel him smirk cause he knew he had a huge effect on me

“Yes Rose”he answered seductively making it hard for me to remember what I wanted to say

“Wh-at a-re y-o-u do-ing be-hi-nd m-e “I stuttered again…d–n I hate my voice at this moment

“Chill i just wanted to fill water into the pot so i could cook spaghetti “he said and put his hands infront with the pot..he opened the water tap and I could feel his erection but instead I didn’t want him to go away..I just wanted him to press more into my body but no he closed the tap and walked over the stove

I gulped nothing as I went away from the kitchen feeling all hot as I munched into my apple

The door bell rang and I quickly walked to it to find Kelvin

“Babe”i squeaked hugging him “Hey babe”he said drily and that’s unlike him

“What is it babe?”i asked worridly cause he is more of a brother to me

“Just had a rough day”he said and I smiled “I bet mine was worser”i said and his eyes lit up

“What happened “he said as he dragged me to the couch and I explained everything to him making him laugh

“Can’t believe Jordan knows how to lie like that “he said and I just winked

“So I heard you have a boyfriend “he said making me smile

“Who told you that “he said and I cracked as I saw Jordan standing behind him shooting daggers at him with him unware of it

“Some ugly goat you call a boss “he said making me laugh

“And he is behind you”i said and they started chasing each other while I laughed my ass out.

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