Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 15


I shook my head as my mom stood there like she was lost

Thankfully Rose is a deep sleeper so she didn’t wake up

“I am not sorry”mom scoffed “but mom you have to stop being like this…it doesn’t suit your age”i said and she opened her mouth in shock

“Are you saying that I am old”she said making me chuckle …yes she is old like d–n she is in her fifties

“Yes mom you are old “i said and she jumped dramatically making me laugh

I really didn’t expect that as her reaction “Oh god will punish you for saying I am old…can you believe this child of mine told this sexy woman right here she is old”she said pointing at herself and I chuckled

She came closer and pecked Rode on her cheek and then pecked mine and after she did I rubbed my cheek making her roll her eyes

“Goodnight my cotton candy”she said as she walked out like a queen

My mom is really wealthy but her personality is something else

The reason she got a lot of fame is her craziness…that is the number one thing millions of people loved about her

And sometimes I wonder where she comes from but I have to admit that having her as my mom is the best thing in the world

I sighed as I watched Rose’s sleeping face..why is she more beautiful when she is asleep

I sighed as I kissed her forehead…she is really cute and peaceful but when she wakes up she is like a siren

I chuckled at my own thought

“Don’t rape her” mom’s voice echoed and that’s when I realised that she was watching the whole time

“Mom”i whined like a little baby and she sticked out her tongue as she walked out…I looked at Rose’s face until I dozed off to my dreamland




I groaned as my phone kept on ringing…i took it and answered without looking at the ID

“What?”i said with my cracking morning voice

“Is that a way to greet you bro… anyways I understand cause I am sure your girlfriend gave you a hot night”he was Kelvin so I sighed but wait did he say girlfriend or is it my ears

“What are you talking about?”i asked impatiently

“You know I should actually flog you cause you didn’t tell me you belonged to the Johnson’s through all the years dude”he said sounding pissed

“Look I am so sorry it was just for safety reasons “I said trying to sound sincere and he scoffed

“Fine anyways you are the number one trend on social media…. millions of people are saying you and Rose should consider modelling “he said making me more confused

“What are you talking about?”I asked “you don’t know…okay just check your mom’s Instagram account and for not telling me your real identity you are still going to pay but for now bye”he said and quickly dropped the call

My mom’s Instagram account???

I quickly switched on my data and logged into my Instagram

Millions of notifications…new followers and all of that stuff

What is going on?

I went to my mom’s account to find my picture with Rose sleeping


It had 34.2 million likes and it’s only 9 hours…God

“Mom”i shouted waking Rose up but I didn’t care

That woman has gone too far

“Mom!”I shouted through the hallway but I heard noise downstairs so I quickly walked downstairs to find mom twerking while singing

She was wearing a bum short and crop top..What??

I heard Rose’s laughter behind me…I didn’t know she followed me

She joined her and the whole scene was funny that I couldn’t help it but laugh

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