Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14


I gasped as I saw who it was. It was non other but Mr and Mrs Johnson

The richest couple in the world…why didn’t i think of that…Double J is more than a millionaire

But why didn’t I add that up…or maybe is because they never introduced their children in public for safety reasons

I glared at double J and like he knew what my glare meant..he mouthed a sorry

“So are you going to introduce my bride properly or you are just going to stare at each other like hungry lions” his mother said making me chuckle…I think I like her already for being fun

“She is actually my P.A ” double J said wiping the smiles on their faces off

“I always knew you were not man enough…a pretty lady is here looking all glittering like an angel and all you are saying is she is actually my P.A “his dad said and his mother smacked him playfully

“Imagine “She said…I bit my lower lip to stop myself from laughing cause I was going to laugh in any moment and double J was not helping matters cause he was sitting there holding a sour face like he just saw a ghost and he wants to kill it and it’s impossible to kill it

“Okay son…I understand that you are shy so what’s your name dear so that I can do his work”his dad said dramatically

“Rose Turner”i said making both of them grin

“Rose that’s a beautiful name like it suits you and Turner…hmm your parents created you on a Sunday girl cause you are a true turn on” his mother said making all of us burst into laughter but double just gave his parents an you are embarrassing me look an it made me chuckle

His mom sat next to as she hugged me “You are such a cutie pie”she said and it made me giggle “Thank you” I said and she released an “awwwn”

“You will make me a perfect wife”she said and I started faking a cough…I had totally forgotten that I am sitting next to to Mrs money…her skin smells of wealth and not talk of her scent

She laughed at my reaction while I just smiled…even her laugh is wealthy like d–n

“Okay here is what my son wanted to say…will you be his girlfriend?”his father said making me cough again while they laughed…Double J joined them this time

“I actually have a boyfriend ” I lied “an ex-boyfriend” double J hissed making his parents chuckle

“See he is jealous “his father said and his mother nodded

“I am not jealous you guys are just…geez what are you even doing here”he asked impatiently

If they can frustrate him this much.. they better not go anyway

“Is there anything wrong with visiting our son or did we disturb something” his mom said wiggling her brows making me laugh shyly

Fine but can you go downstairs we will be there in a few minutes ” double J said

“Okay my cotton candy” his mom said “cotton candy “I said while laughing making his parents chuckle

“Oh he didn’t tell you his full names are cotton candy Jordan Johnson “She said making me laugh more

“Mom” double J whined and her mother raised her hands in the air “Fine”she said and left…Mr Johnson was long gone

“Can we switch mothers”i said making him scoff

“Oh i am so sorry cotton candy”i said and bursted out laughing again while he face plamed himself


“My baby is finally getting married “I squeaked as imagined the wedding

“To who?” David (Mr Johnson ) asked and I chuckled

“I think it’s obvious “i said and he rolled his eyes

“They aren’t even close to being best friend so stop being crazy Angel’ he said and i chuckled as he layed on the bed reading a book

“We will see about that David “I said as I put on robe…we just ate dinner and they went to sleep…I must say I like Rose and this is an opportunity to replace Wendy…I am so happy he got rid of that s–t called Emily

I know he loves her…I can see by the way he looks at her

I wore my flip flops and was ready to go. “Where are you going? ” David’s voice echoed

“To the kitchen to take water” I lied and quickly walked out

I peeped into Jordan’s room to find them cuddling

I took pictures and posted on my Instagram


I captioned it..I know Jordan will kill me but I don’t care I just want them to feel awkward around each other until they admit that they like each other

I slowly sneaked in and slowly took Jordan’s face and put it on hers making their lips touch

“Jordan opened his eyes and caught me red handed “Mom !”he shouted while I just stood there like a lost witch

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