Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 7


The look on Rose’s face explained nothing but jealousy…I don’t know why but it made me feel happy as I decided to taunt her more

“Where do you think you are going “I said dragging her back and she glared at me

“Where do I look like I am going “She said making Emily gasp…let’s just say no one has ever talked back at me…not even Emily or Wendy

But I really didn’t mind.instead it made me more happier

“Jordan she talked back at you “Emily said and Rose rolled her eyes

“You are in for big trouble miss”i said to Rose and she chuckled

Guess my act of being angry didn’t work

“I need you to apologise to my girlfriend right now “I said in a serious tone…I just want to taunt her until she flares up but no.instead she smiled cutely at me. Emily grinned like she owns the whole world

“Really? really want that to happen?”She asked and I nodded

“Let go of my arm so I can apologise properly “She said making me realise I was holding her arm the whole time..but is she really going to apologise

I carefully let go of her arm and she slowly walked infront of Emily…She gave Emily a hot slap leaving my mouth open

“I quit “She said and walked away


I sarted following her without saying anything.she can’t just quit like that not when I am still alive

“Jordan !”Emily kept shouting while I ignored her and kept walking

Rose got to her car and jumped in grumply making me chuckle as I jumped in my own car

She drove like she was acting fast & furious and it was really hard for me to keep up with her

Soon she stoped infront of a beautiful mansion and got out rushing to the house

I sat in the car thinking of a plan and finally I got it so I started walking to the house with my hands in my front pockets

I ringed the door bell and breathed in…let’s hope this works


I can’t believe he would want me to apologise to his slutty dumb girlfriend

LIKE me the almighty Rose Turner apologising to a total disgrace to womanhood

He must be kidding…he can go to hell with her cause I don’t really care.even though I am going to miss pranking his dumbass

I went into the living room slumping on the couch unnoticing my parents next to me

“What did you do?”that was my mom’s voice causing me to chuckle

“I fired myself “i said “What! “mom and dad shouted at the same time

My mom was about to start making noise when the doorbell rang

“I will get it” she said standing up. She looked absolutely pissed and I couldn’t think of how my dad looked so I didn’t face dad

My mom came back grinning with double J while the barstad smirked

I rolled my eyes at him…what is he doing here

“Uhhm good afternoon sir”he said politely “so you have manners”i said loudly

“Rose!”mom warned and I kept quite.

She doesn’t deserve to be called evil step sister anymore cause she is totally acting like a mom right now

“Don’t mind her son so how may we help you”crazy buddy said

“Rose and I had a little misunderstanding at work and she quit…She was actually complaining that her drive to work Is long and she can’t keep up with it anymore…so me as a boss who see potential in your daughter I was thinking she could come and stay with me since my place is close to work”he said leaving me dumbfounded

He is a liar

“What! he is…”i was about to say when evil step sister cut me short

“Shut up Rose!”She shouted making me frown…he is actually going to pay for this

“There is actually no problem with that so Rose go pack your clothes”Crazy buddy said and I just frowned

“There is no need for that since I could just but her new ones”the devil himself said

I am going to kill this guy with my bare hands

“At least let me pack my cosmetics while you are wait for me outside “i said and they walked outside chatting with double J

Cosmetics my foot

I quickly ran to my wardrobe and took out many small needles and planted them on the couches

They will regret taking desicions for a grown up girl like me

“Bye crazy buddy and evil step sister “I said as I got outside

They both hugged us and went inside

“Rose!”they both shouted before we even made it to the gate

“Run”i shouted

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