Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10


I yawned as I rested my head on double J’s shoulder

It’s evening and Kelvin just left so we are watching an action movie

“You know you have a boyfriend who would really appreciate if you put your head on his shoulders” double J said and I could feel him smirk

“Shut up”i said and he laughed while he wrapped his has around my waist making me feel more comfortable

My phone had to ruin the moment as it rang loudly making us laugh into nothing

I took it and saw that it was Max so I quickly answered it

“Hey babe”i beamed as I shifted from double J sitting comfortably by my self while ignoring double J’s glares

“Hey sweetheart”his voice sounded so dull like he has been crying

“Have you been crying or what???cause you don’t sound alright “I said and I could feel him sigh

“Rose have you been sleeping with that why you are delaying us “He said and my mouth opened out of shock

“How could you think so low of me”i found myself yelling

“I am sorry okay…it’s just that I went to your house today and I found out that you are now staying at his house …how was I supposed to take it?”He asked calmly…that is the one thing I love about Max..he doesn’t shout even when he is angry more than anything

“I am so sorry babe…It slipped out of my mind cause I was too busy with work and everything…so how can I make it up to you”i said making him chuckle

” You could go on a date with me tomorrow and don’t forget my 23rd birthday is next week Saturday”he said making me chuckle nervously…how could coolval stories I forget his birthday

“Wait…you forgot my birthday “He sounded dull again

“No ….how could I forget my future hubby’s birthday…and about tomorrow it’s a date then”i said and I could imagine him jump in excitement

“Okay… remember to wear too many blankets when you go to sleep and don’t let that boss of yours touch you in any how or there is going to be trouble.are we clear sweetheart ???”he said and I laughed

“You are so overprotective but I still like you like that babe”i said with a smile

“Wish I could see your face”he said and I smiled more

“Me too…especially your cute dimples”i said and he chuckled

“Sweet dreams sweetheart”he said and I chuckled

“Wish you could call everynight”i said and he chuckled

“As you wish sweetheart “He said “awwn that is so sweet didn’t know you care about my feelings but nighty nighty Maxy”i said

“Don’t call me that”he said making me laugh as he hanged up

That is when I realised double J was staring at me

“What?”I snapped at him cause he looked so sour

“Nothing”he said lowly as he looked at the t.v.

His mood swings are so annoying…He was fine back then so what happened

“Goodnight boss”i saluted and he didn’t even bother to respond so I went upstairs to the bedroom he showed me earlier on

I took a quick bath and layed perfectly fine of my comfy bed…why was double J so sad

Should I check on him and ask him…nah maybe he was just thinking about life so he will be fine…I thought as I finally dozed off


I hate feeling like this…why am i feeling like ten knifes are being stabbed in my heart

I don’t really know why I am jealous but I gotta let go of the feeling

What if I like her???

No I can’t like Rose cause she is my sister…I really take her as my sister so I can’t catch feelings

Not now and not ever

I sighed as I stared at the t.v….all I could see was the mouth movements but I couldn’t hear a thing cause my mind was d–n far

I smirked as I got a crazy plan…it’s time for my revenge on Rose

I quickly ordered fake bugs online and after one hour they arrived

I quickly snuck into her room to find her sleeping peacefully so I quickly loaded them in her bathroom basin tap and laughed silently as I went to my room

I felt really tired so I just slept that moment without even taking a bath


Next morning


“Ahh” Rose barged into my room screaming while jumping and down like a crazy person

That is when I remembered my prank so I started laughing “it is in my hair!!”she kept on shouting as she rolled on the floor..but all I did was laugh.

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