Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 11


I stopped rolling on the floor when I realised it was a prank

“You lunatic”i shouted as I ran to him and he stupidly ran to his bed pulling the sheets all over his body

“Stupid boy”i remarked as I jumped on the bed and started hitting him

“Ahhh…I am so sorry “he kept on shouting while I chuckled

Soon he overcame me and pushed me causing me to fall on the floor with my butt

“Ahh”i shouted as he kept on laughing so I jumped on the bed again but sadly he caught me and pinned my hands over my head with his other hand while he started tickling me with the other one

“Stop…Stop “I kept on shouting as I laughed till I felt my throat going sore and that’s when he stopped and smiled sweetly bringing his dimples out

“In your face Rose”he said as he pecked my nose

“Hey stop…I have a boyfriend and you have a girlfriend so get off ?”I said but he just rolled his eyes causing me to lick my lips slowly

He responded with a groan and I could start feeling his erection

“Just one kiss”he said looking at my lips and I rolled my eyes

“You will never stop being crazy and again i have a boyfriend “i said and he smirked

“But you still want my kiss” he said “You are totally losing your mind so for the last time get off my precious tummy or….”I didn’t get to finish as he kissed me and we started rolling our tongues ….it felt so crazy…for the first time I felt butterflies in my stomach

He bit my tongue as I moaned while he groaned

I tried to push him away when I remembered Max but he didn’t give in as he pressed his body more to mine

“Jordan stop”i finally said feeling guilt and he stopped looking at me with his puppy dog eyes so I looked away cause I couldn’t resist him

“I have a boyfriend okay??”I said and tried to push him again but he pressed more making me feel his erection more…He scoffed as he rolled his eyes

“Are you talking about the one who is using you to get laid”he said and I scoffed

“Stop badmouthing my boyfriend “I said and he clicked his lips cutely

“Are you still talking about the one who is cheating on you with five girls and ohh to tell you the truth you are just a side chick to him Rose..a toy he is just looking for sex in”he said and his tone was that one of anger

“You are a liar…and why do you even care”i found myself shouting and he laughed sarcastically

“Because I care Rose” he yelled and his eyes were red but I did not care cause all I felt was pain

What if Max is using me as double J claims what if I am just one of his flings…no wonder we don’t meet often

“That is not a reason “I said calmly as I felt more tears going down my cheeks

Double J kept wiping the and he looked like he regretted what he said earlier

“I have to go to work ” I said and pushed him aside…He didn’t even care

Instead he took his phone and started pressing it as I went out of his room

What if Max is using me…what if all he wants is sex…I am definitely going to to show him how crazy I can be then


I screwed up so hard…

Yes Max cheats with different girls since he has been with her but it wasn’t in my place to tell her

I feel so bad…like watching her cry like that because of my selfishness

I just felt jealous when she referred him as her boyfriend and I found myself spilling it all

I dialed Kelvin’s number as she left..I couldn’t face her anymore ..I couldn’t look at her face cause she was hurt and it will add more to my guiltness

Kelvin wasn’t answering so I just went to take a quick bath and wore my work clothes and took my suitcase

I checked her room and she was no longer there

It means she left for work without telling me…she must have been really pissed

I enginited my car and went to Kevin’s house to find it locked

He must have gone to work…Kelvin is just like me…He hates all the guards and maids stuff

I just wanted him to explain to me what I felt cause I can’t really find myself this days

I sighed as I drove my car to work slowly humming to songs that were playing on the radio

A message popped in my phone…I quickly grabbed my phone hoping it was Kelvin but to my disappointment it was Emily

Hey sweetheart I really miss you

…i read the message and sighed.

Emily we are done so stop stalking me

…I sent

But I already apologized so stop whining like a baby cause there is no one to replace me in your heart

…she replied making me roll my eyes

well sadly I found someone more suitable to replace you and I just realised you were never in my heart so deal with it

…I replied as I got off my car focusing on my phone

I was about to read her respond when I fell into a deep hole and that is when I realised people who were taking videos

They all bursted into laughter…not again

I looked down and I was in a hole of real worms “mommy”i shouted ad I fought my way out making people around me laugh more

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