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I simply replied Emily with a a simple okay because I knew that I was not even in the city

Like I am in Los Angeles and she is in New York so her lame excuses to meet up with me can wait a little

I sighed happily as I stared at Rose’s sleeping face

She still looks perfect as days go by…and I am so scared to lose her

What if she finds someone better than me..I really fell inlove in a mysterious way and I could never ask for anything else cause this is what I need

Her by my side annoying the shit out of me and me by her side making sure I am her umbrella in her heavy rains

I smiled as I caressed her soft cheek and pecked her lips

She smiled In her sleep when I did that…and I still can’t believe that she is more pretty when she is asleep

“I love you”i whispered in her ears and she giggled

“Love you too future hubby”she said and I smiled…I don’t know why but her calling me future hubby makes my heart skip a beat

I can’t wait for a day where she will start calling me hubby and not future hubby

“Morning”i said as I pecked her lips..”Morning” she said in a chuckle as she slowly opened her eyes

“How was your night miss me” I said and she giggled “It was really good…like I dreamt of having a baby boy with you and yours?” She said and I laughed

“You are really crazy but mine was more than great cause I dreamt of f***ing you while you screamed my name really loud”i said and she blushed and hit my shoulders playfully

“Your mind is so dirty” she said while I just smiled while spanking her ass making her gasp

“But you like it”i whispered and we laughed into nothing

“Awwn” we heard and quickly looked at the door to find the whole family expert our both fathers looking at uswhile taking a video

“This one is probably being saved for my grandkids” mom said and we all bursted into laughter

They are so creepy and I think we should start locking the door


I sighed heavily as I laid on my bed thinking about what I am about to do

I can’t simply get myself pregnant for a guy who doesn’t love me

I should just forget about the whole thing of seducing Jordan

I know it will be hard forgetting about him but me myself and I…was the the only person who pushed him away

So why force him back to me…I should just know that love is not by force

There is always going to be someone to love and hold again but as for Jordan…I have already accepted that he is not mine and i am the one who screwed it up

I am so busy at work so don’t come to my apartment anymore

I sent to him and sighed as I felt tears falling down from my eyes

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