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Charity asked to stay in my house and rest because she was not ready to go meet the one she was to meet at the Church. Not wanting to know more I asked her the same question I asked her the day before.

“Am I safe?”

“You are safe, I can accompany you to work if you like or even stay outside.”

“No, it’s okay. The last thing I want is a larger hand bag.”

We laughed and I bid her goodbye then left.

2 years ago

This particular morning, I was standing at my office door and the smell of the toilet bleach was strong

. I could smell it from my office which was weird because the proximity was off. It was a different from the one we normally used.

“Did they change the toilet bleach?” I asked my assistant.

“I wouldn’t know it’s far off, I can go check.”

“You mean you can’t smell its scent.”

She shook her head.

“It’s harpic.”

Minutes later the cleaner emerged from the toilet.

“Did you use harpic on the toilet?” I asked her.


I smiled and gave my assistant the I told you so look.

That same afternoon I had lunch date with my husband. We were doing beef stew with Mokimo a local dish made from Irish potato smashed together with indigenous vegetables and some exotic veggies such as peas

. It was one of those meals Uriel would use to bribe me into doing things his way.

I kept playing with the meat in my plate.

“Is the food okay?”

I raised my eyebrow at my husband and smiled.

“Yea, its actually delicious.”

“How would you know you have barely touched your food Ella.”

I shrugged my shoulders while he tasted portion of the soup on my plate.

“Ahaa, it tastes like heaven as always, is something bothering you making you eat?”

“No, see am eating.”

I scooped some soup with my spoon and drew it near my mouth but couldn’t bring myself to take it in my mouth. Instead I looked away my face contorted in disgust. I gasped for fresh air trying to hold down the contents of my stomach that were now threatening to come out. Uriel burst out laughing.

“You think this is funny?”

“Yes Ella, as I live and breathe queen Ella first day as a vegetarian is upon my eyes.” He said amidst laughter.

He flagged the waiter and Val was soon at our table.

“Black lemon tea for the lady.”

Lemon tea was soon in front of me and boy was I grateful.

“What’s going on with you my lady?” Uri asked not letting me have my peace. He seemed to be enjoying my predicament.

“I don’t know, I will get some medication for it. I know Jimmy will have a solution for me.”

“My girl doesn’t have a clue what’s wrong with her. Terrific.”

“Am I missing something Uri?”

“Yeah, and am supposed to be the engineer not the doctor.”

I shook my head and continued seeping on the tea gratefully.

“Let’s go home baby.” He said.

“I still have one patient to see today I can’t cancel last minute.”

“You are not feeling well, let me go home take care of you.

. Come on you owe me after wasting my money on soup that you haven’t tasted a spoonful.”

I sighed loud.

“Fine. You taking care of me is an offer I can’t turn down.”

Within thirty minutes we were back in the house soaked in the bathtub. I had my head laid on his chest and we were having one of those conversations where we were not talking at all. Just listening to each other heartbeats, breathing in the same air and savoring the silent moment between lovers.

He was the first to break the bliss.

“You know I love you, right.”

“Yeah, I got lucky.”

“No, am the lucky one.”

“No, am the lucky one.”

“As much as I’d like to do some word slapping I believe you will let me be the lucky one after what am about to tell you.”

“What is it?”

He lifted me and repositioned me in a manner that i was facing him then gave me a deep loving kiss.

“Thanks for this gift.”

His hand was on my tummy area.

“Uri I don’t understand.”

He stood up and opened the bathroom cabinet fishing out the least expected thing.

“A pregnancy kit! Uri!”

“Look at it.”

I took it from him and looked at it. It was positive.

“I don’t understand. Who does this belong to?”

Uriel kissed my head then replied.

“You my love.”

“How?” I asked even more confused.

“Last week when we went to your parents before we left your mum pulled me aside and congratulated me. I was confused as to why she was congratulating me when she clarified the matter saying she was quite positive you were with child, but wanted you to discover for yourself first. Instead of asking you direct I asked Jimmy and he confirmed that he had suspicion of the same. So I hatched a plan. Yesterday when you woke up to go to the toilet at night I followed you and asked you not to flash before I had a go.”

“Yeah, I remember that.”

“I went in and using two kits I had bought earlier I took two samples of your urine to test.”


“Disgusting I know, but I was determined to know before you.”

“I was kidding when I said eeew, it’s not disgusting. Its sweet.”

Our eyes locked for a while then he pulled me to himself.


“I love when you call my name like that.”


“Yes love.”

“This is the best surprise ever.”

“Am glad you like it.”

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