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Fire on the mountain!” I

screamed at Fecility when she arrived at my house.

“What’s wrong?”

I grabbed her hand and led her into my bedroom. Most of my clothes laid on top of the bed.

“Why is your room so messy?”

“I have a date and i can’t find anything to wear.”

“Ella are you kidding me?”

“Would i have called you if i was?”

“Do i even want to know why my best friend has not told me anything about this new guy?”

“Just help me Felicity, he will be here in no time and i need to be ready before that.”

Felicity dived in the pile of clothes and after five minutes brought out a luminous green dress.

“Put this on.”

Without a word i grabbed the dress and went infront of the mirror.

“This is okay.”

“Okay you said? That dress is the real deal.”

“I can’t wear heels though.”

She looked deep in thought.

“Does he know you are expectant?”

“He sure does.”

“In that case flats will do.” She said dangling a pair of grey sneakers.

I slipped into the sneakers same time my front bell rang.

“That’s him.”

“Great, now i get to meet the man i never knew existed till twenty minutes ago.” Felicity said sarcastically.

“Felicity! Wish me luck.”

The door bell rang again and i rushed to open it. Whoever told him he rocked jean wear did not lie to him

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. He was in a deep blue jean trouser, a grey sweater and white shirt. He looked great.

“My goodness Ella, you look superb.”

“You don’t look bad yourself.”

“Hi am Felicity, Ella’s best friend she never mentioned.” Worse timing ever Felicity.

She was getting back at me for not telling her about the date.

“Nice to meet you Felicity, I am Austin. Now if you don’t mind i need to steal your friend for a bit.”

“She is all yours.”

Like any gentleman, he rushed and opened the car door for me. I thanked him and climbed inside then he closed the door. He went on his side and soon we hit the road to an unknown place.

We stayed quite. Occasionally our gaze would meet and we would blush then turn our gaze back to the road. After ten minutes of driving he stopped to fill his car gas. While we waited he took a paper bag from the back seat and gave it to me.

“Come on, open it.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a suprise, open it.”

I removed a small box from the bag and placed it aside. I looked at him and he smiles at me while scratching the back of his head. I looked at the box and lifted the top part. A very beautiful necklace sat there on my hand.

“This is too much Austin. I can’t accept this.”

He did not try to convince me otherwise. Instead he took the necklace from the box and ordered me to turn. He then went on to hook it around my neck.

“It was made for you.”

I touched the necklace and traced it around my neck.

“It’s beautiful. Thanks, you did not have to do this.”

“I wanted to, it’s no biggie.”

“It’s expensive.”

“And you are priceless, its the least i could do.”

“Are you going to tell me where we are headed?”

“It’s a suprise.”


We drove off. Silence reigned again. It was hard trying not to meet his gaze by focusing on the road. There was nothing much to see. I had travelled on that road times and over. I continued stealing glances and that earned me cute half smiles which encouraged me to continue stealing even more glances. After a while, i started shifting uncomfortable under the seat belt. It was putting a lot of pressure on my belly. I tried holding on but slowly the discomfort started showing on ny face.

“Are you okay?” Austin asked.

“Yes am fine.” I said and focused my eyes ahead.

Austin slowed the car and stopped.

“Why did we stop?”

He did not say a word. He unbuckled his own belt then did the same to mine. He then proceeded to strap in again. I stared at him shocked but he stay unbothered.

“You are expectant, it’s not illegal to unstrap if you are feeling uncomfortable.”

He then brushed my cheeks lightly catching me unawares.

“Are you cormfortable?”

I nodded.

“We are almost there.”

Dusking was first approaching. He engaged the gear and we got back on track.

We reached a secluded area on the other side of town. I was not well versed with it though i had a few clients coming from that side of town. We drove to a secluded road and soon we came to a huge hotel known as Hamilton. It was on a high hill and had the whole city view at one glance. A lot of palm trees decorated the place making it more tranquil than any hotel i had ever been in town.

“This place is beautiful.”

“Am glad you like it.”

Instead of the main elevator he took me to the back. We got into a private elevator meant for management only. At this point i did not want to sound stupid by asking questions, so i followed his lead. The elevator stopped in the tenth floor. We got off the lift and took the stairs to the roof. Before opening the door that lead to the roof, he asked me to stop.

“Well, what’s going on. Why are we not in the main hotel?”

“Shhhh,” he covered my eyed with one hands. He used the other to gently push the door.

“Just follow the sound of my voice.”

I let my hands lie on top of his. Excitement built up making me a nerve wreck. Whatever it was, i was already loving it.

“Now you can open your eyes.”

He removed his hands but not completely, one hand he placed on my left shoulder and the right rested on my lower back. I opened my eyes trying hard to steady my breath and let my racing heart go at walking pace. He had decorated overhead with small lights red, orange, green and yellow which were radiating enough light for the place. At the center sat two chairs and a small round dining table. It had a bouquet of flowers lying on top of it. Two glasses of wine were on the table and a bottle of wine was there stuck in an ice bucket.

Darkness had already settled in making the city lights illuminate beautifully. It was such a spectacular view from the hotel.

“I….i.” i stuttered.

“You do not have to say anything. Your eyes speaks millions.”

“Now shall we?”

He pulled the chair on to which i sat.

“Thanks Austin, this is lovely.”

“Am glad you like it.”

“I don’t like it. I am in love with it.”

He settled on his chair then proceeded to open the wine bottle.

“You know i can’t take that.” I said.

“Don’t you worry, its non alcoholic wine.”

Food was brought and it was the most delicious thing i had tasted my entire life. It had some chicken in it.

“This is the most delicious thing i have tasted my entire life, and am not exaggerating.”

“I can make you that another time if you let me.”

I laughed lightly and covered my mouth.

“You can cook?”

“You would be suprise.”

We got through the meal making light conversation not really going to the deepest parts of it. We finished and cutlery was taken away. It was just us and the wine now. I had not drunk much from my glass. I had never taken any form of grape beverage before. It was safe to take precaution.

“Is this a thing you do often?” I asked him when we had gone in circles for too long.

“No, this is the first time i have done this.”

“You haven’t dated since your wife died?”

“I can’t lie. I have met people who have sparked interest in me, but this i have not done with anyone.”

“I haven’t had this with anyone either, thanks.”

I stopped and smiled.

“What’s making you smile? I hope its me.” Austin said while holding his cleft.

“Am sorry for cross-examining you. I can’t help it.” I said.

“It’s okay Ella. You are free to ask anything.”

I didn’t like tempting invitations. Mostly because i couldn’t just resist them. In Austin’s case i went on to with the cross examination uniform.

“I fear you Austin.”

He looked at me and exhaled.


“First of all i am a christian, black woman and lastly i am pregnant. I can’t wrap my head around you wanting me. That if i am reading you correctly. On top of it all its been barely a month since i knew you.”

“What do you want me to say Ella?”

“I don’t know Austin, i have never in the history of mankind seen or heard a man who is interested in marrying….dating a woman who is expectant with another man’s child.”

“Ella i belong to the same faith as you and if it’s okay with you i am willing to court or be friends with you as long as you want. Till you are sure we are equally yoked.”

I involuntarily shook my head.

“What is it Ella?”

“I am pregnant Austin. How can you want me? You barely know me. I am pregnant Austin, who on earth dates a pregnant woman?”

“Ella i would not take you out on a date for fun. I like being around you Ella. I want to get to know you and hopefully be with you for the rest of my left. I did not believe in love at first sight but there was something about you. Once i set my eyes on you, i could not look away. I know you felt the same way otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

“Austin i don’t see how this is fair or right. Why do you insist of being different or is this just a veil over my face?”

“Should i not fall in love with a black woman? An incredibly smart, beautiful and God fearing black woman. I am a single father too. My wife died. Your husband divorced you. What is not fair? We are both dragging baggages.”

I stayed silent.

He stood up from his chair and offered me his hand.

. I had failed to see a stereo lying idly by the door coming through to the roof. He left me standing and went over to where the radio stood. He picked it up and started making dance moves while walking towards me. He then set it down in the centre and pressed play.

“Miss. Sewe will you please give me the honours of dancing with you?”


Seamlessly we knit. He held me. It felt like air between us naturally glued. I rested my head on his shoulder and we danced slow. It was peaceful, a place to belong. I would give anything to stay forever.

“Whatever you decide, just enjoy this dance with me. There is no harm that.”

“Okay Austin.”

Kissing my forehead he pressed against me more and let the music play.

This was too good to be true.

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