Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23

A Year Ago.

Days passed after burying Abigael. I felt lost and cheated by life. If life was fair, I should have died in her place. What was the need for me to carry her for nine months only for her to survive in the outside world for six months?

I kept replaying it in my mind. Her turned over, peaceful but still. Sometimes I would walk to that crib which I had refused to dispose of. I would walk towards it and imagine my baby crying inside there. I would replay the memories of her trying to stand with the crib sides. Every time I would realize she was really gone and I had to live with that, my heart broke into million pieces.

My days started with pain and ended in misery. Uri tried talking to me and even asking my friends and parents to talk to me but they failed. I just couldn’t untangle myself from my grief. I needed something to sooth my grieving heart but I could not find any. Uri seemed to manage well with the pain. Am not saying he did not grieve but he seemed to be stronger than I was. I was the psychiatrist who should have the answers but I didn’t. I could not help myself. Uri made himself busy with work and sometimes went out to buy house goods while I sat in the house sulking.

Three months after Abigael’s burial I was seated at my front pouch lost in my own world. Uri came in and planted a kiss in my forehead then proceeded to go inside. I stayed for about twenty minutes and went inside to see how he was doing. I went on into the bedroom. His Jacket lay on the bed together with his work brief case.

He stood near Abigael’s crib his shirt rolled up to his elbow. He seemed to be doing something. I edged closer to where he was standing. He was removing the screws and nuts holding the crib together.

“Uri what are you doing?”

“Am taking the crib in the store room.”


“Because there is no use to keep sad memories within the room.”

“I’d like to keep remembering about my Abby thank you very much.”

“I would love to remember Abby too. I will always remember my Abby but not like this.”

I crossed my arms against my chest.

“You have a problem with the way am grieving?” I asked a tear escaping from the corner of my eyes.

“Ella you know that is not what I meant.”

He stepped closer to me and tried holding me.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Ella love don’t be like that, I lost Abby too.”

“Then why would you do this without asking me, are you trying to hurt me some more?”

“Am so sorry Ella.”

I raise my hand in frustration and went into the bathroom, stripped my robe and enter into the bath. A few minutes later Uri came in with a towel and silently joined me. He positioned me in such a manner that I was lying on his chest and we both stayed like that for a while.

“Let me in Ella, let me grieve with you.”

“I don’t know how. I have never felt anything like this before. Am in so much pain Uri. Pain you cannot help me carry.”

“Baby I want to help you. I don’t like what am seeing.”

“Just let me in.”

I did not respond instead tears flowed and mixed with water on Uri’s chest.

“Enough with the tears love.”

He lifted my chin to meet his. A lone tear had escaped from the corner of his eyes.

“Am sorry, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I understand and don’t understand at the same time. I know one thing for sure, I love you.”

He took the sponge and started scrubbing me. I shut up and let him do his thing.

“When am done you return the favour.”

I smiled.

“Okay, your highness.”

He went on his business gently. And for the first time after my daughter I felt a little bit better and that things might actually get back to normal at some point. When he got to scrubbing my back I let my head rest on the tub. When he was done he hand over the sponge to me.

“It’s your turn now.”

I went on my business too and I saw satisfaction in his face and love. Things I had hoped I will get time to feel after grieving my baby.

“It’s been a while.” I whispered in his ear once it was done.

“I like the sound of that.”

I got a good sleep. In fact, I overslept. I woke up and found he had already left for work. He left a note saying he had an early meeting with Joyce. At the mention of her name everything about the day before was undone.

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