Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 24

“Waiting for someone?” Val asked and I smiled at her.

“Yeah Uri, my husband.”

“Nice for you guys to be getting back on track, it has been a while.”

“It’s nice. Thanks”

I took the cappuccino she had brought and gratefully sipped from the cup. The meeting between Sammy, Dylan and I had gone too well

. Those boys deserved medals for how they were handling what they were going through. Unlike the last time the woman I had seen with Austin brought them and came to pick them up. She was friendly enough to pick up a conversation but it was safe to assume she was seeing him. It was none of my business anyway. I had actual problems to think about. My pregnancy was now 8 weeks old.

I unconsciously rubbed my tummy. Of course I was worried for him. He was conceived at such a tumultuous time. So many bad things happening between his father and I. My first love. The love I had experienced when I was expectant with Abigael was now nothing but a distant memory. It would have been easier not to bring a child into this mess. More so now that I was not sure how it would end.

“Am sorry baby.” I said rubbing my tummy again.

“Am sorry I kept you waiting.”

I lifted my eyes to be met by a slightly smiling Uri. His dimples were still as deep as they had been and his forehead vein still bulging out

. He was wearing a grey trench coat on top of his black suit.

“It’s okay I haven’t been waiting that long.”

He sat across me and folded his fingers on top of the table.

An eerie silence followed.

“Can I order a cup of coffee for you, it’s really cold outside.”

Before he could resist I had flagged Val and gestured her to bring black coffee. Uri’s favourite. By the time she brought it we had not said a word to each other. Val placed Uri’s cup and sensing the tension between us did not say a word.

“How far gone is she?”

“What? How did you know?”

“It’s not important but I do know, so how far gone?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“No, but I am curious.”



I sipped on my coffee cup.

“Do you still want me to sign the divorce papers?” I asked him

He did not respond.

“Uri we came here to talk.”

“I know Ella, right now I am between two mountains and I don’t know which one to climb.”

“Uri I still love you but am also mad at you, most especially about Joyce. I don’t want to believe I was right all along.”

“Am sorry Ella, I did not want to hurt you in any way.”

“But you did, and I played a major role in that by pushing you away.”

“We all messed up big time.”

“Uri our love is the kind that is supposed to conquer all things we can survive this.”

“I know but those only exist in fairy tales.”

“We have good memories Uri, really good memories aren’t those worth fighting for.”

“They are, but am not willing to fight. Believe me this is for the best.”

“No Uri, you are choosing the easier path out.”

“I am breaking the heart of my first love. There is nothing more difficult. This is definitely not the easier path”

“You could just stay with me.”

He said nothing.

“You care about her, don’t you?”

He swallowed hard.


“Don’t ask me to compare.”

“How long have you guys been, you know…. together.”

“6 months.”

6 months! How the hell didn’t I see that. I did see her as a threat but having an affair?! That I did not see.

“How far gone is she?”

“3 months.”

I gasped and leaned back on my chair a lone tear rolled of my face.

“Don’t cry Ella, believe me you are better off without me. You deserve someone who can treat you better.”

“I don’t want someone better Uri, I want you.”

“What about Joyce? she is pregnant with twins how am I supposed to leave her yet we were in this together?”

“When you asked for divorce papers I thought you just wanted some time for recess. That you were giving me a wake-up call, little did I know you had a small family to fall back to.”

“Ella you pushed me away, am sorry I had an affair and fell in love again. Am sorry I am the worst nightmare in your life right now. Ella I am so very sorry.”

“Why did you sleep with me then?”

“Ella I still do love you.”

“If you loved me you wouldn’t sleep with me and leave me to nurse my pregnancy alone.”

“You are pregnant?”

“Yes, I had to find out about it on the worst possible days, when you and Joyce went to the hospital to check up. I was alone and fainted because of the shock only to realize when I came to the hospital that I was pregnant. Uri tell me, how is this the best thing for me?”

My bosom heaved and I removed my handkerchief from my purse.

“I guess you already chose her twins over my child. I still don’t understand why it had to be her.”

“Ella I did not want this.”

“That makes the both of us.”

We stayed silent. I wanted to see some sense of remorse, wanted for him to fight for me but he did not. He just had one of those faces that I could not read. I reached out for my handbag and removed the envelope his lawyer had given me. I fished out a pen too.

“Wait. What are you doing?”

“Signing the papers. You have made up your mind.”

I went on ahead to search for the exact position where I was to sign.

“You don’t have to give me the house you can have it and all the money in our joint account you can have it.” I said my eyes watering again.

In as much as I was angry and bitter, I had thought about signing the papers before and had decided I would not push further.

. Furthermore, things had gotten far much more complicated.

“Keep all of it for my son.”

“We don’t want anything from you.”

We were interrupted by Val coming to bring our bill. She looked at me.

“Are you okay, Ella?” She eyed the papers that were on top of the table.

“Yes Val. Thanks. Can I get another cup?”


“Please Ella, do this one thing for me. Let me leave something for my son.”

“You realize your son is going to grow up with a single mother because you left me?!”

“Ella I know, nothing I do right now can make you feel better. You deserve better than this and that is why I am giving you a chance to be with the best.”

I was getting frustrated and agitated at the same time.

“Here are the papers signed. You can take them to your lawyer.”

“The lawyer has to be present for us to sign that and witnesses too. I will have the new papers ready by Monday.”

His phone rang and he excused himself to receive it. I could see him through the glass. He come back and kissed me on the forehead.

“I will see you soon. I have to go now”

Then he left like he was never there.

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