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Two weeks passed and Uri had not stepped into our used to be home. I bathed with his favourite vanilla shampoo just to hold onto something of his. I don’t have to tell you that our bed now felt ten times bigger. I couldn’t sleep in it anymore. I used the guest rooms. Sometimes Felicity would come over but she had her own kids to take care of. She always made sure to call.

I was a stranger in my own house

. Everything looked different and each one of those things held a memory of Uri. He was the one who hanged the curtains when we moved in because i had slipped off the stool and could barely walk for two weeks. Standing in the kitchen i would remember those moments he would come from work and after taking a shower he would step in the kitchen and hold me a good while from behind then released me. But not before he said one word.

“I missed you.”

I could talk about everything in that house and everything held an intimate memory of my husband. Now i had less than three months before being divorced. What were we to look forward to? Where would he go? To Joyce.

That name just made me so mad. We had fought so many cold war just by the mention of that name Joyce. He would forget our dinner dates but remember to go for an early coffee with Joyce to go over company logistics

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. Every time i brought up a topic the name Joyce always popped up.

“You know Joyce and i were just talking about the rise in suicide rates among male within the country just last week.”

“Joyce thought you would like it.” And he would produce a beautiful set of earrings.

I would wear anything ugly, only if he chose it. He never understood that. Always said I was being overly dramatic.

I had in some few occasions gone to his office to stalk her. She was one beautiful lady. I felt so insecure having him around my husband, especially because she was the only thing that he talked about.

I hated her with passion.

I stepped out of the shower and dried myself. I changed into some baggy t-shirt. It was already late, 8.00 pm. I heard the front door open and wondered who that could be. I was not expecting anyone. Jimmy had told me earlier that he had been attending a long surgery as an intern and was too spent for the day. Felicity did not get a sitter for her kids so she couldn’t come over.

I took one off the golf sticks and went to the sitting room.

I moved quickly to the living room only to see Uri removing his suit. Surprised, I rushed over and hugged him.

“What’s the stick for?” He asked eyeing me curiously.

“Protection.” I responded.

“Am not coming back to stay Ella.”

“I don’t care, you are here now.”

He gently pushed me away and headed for the bedroom. I closely followed. He had with him an empty bag. He started packing other clothes inside.

“Where is the dirty laundry?” I asked.

I was seated now on the bed watching him pack.

“I left them at the cleaners.”

I slowly stood up and leaned at the bedroom door noticing he was done packing.

“What do you think you are doing?” Uri asked.

“Am leaning on the bedroom door.”

He stood holding the bag in one hand, his forehead vein popping up. I could see he was struggling not to smile. He moved closer to me and tried to gently remove me from the door, instead he ended up holding the door knob with one hand and releasing his canvas bag.

“Why are you smelling like Vanilla, did you use my shampoo?”

“Why do you smell strawberry did you buy my kind of shampoo?” I answered with a question.

“I miss you,”

“Me too.”

“What does she have that makes you to want to ruin our marriage?”

“She got nothing on you Ella?”

“Then why are you leaving me? Why are you breaking our marriage vows?”

“You broke the vows first Ella.”

“But I love you, isn’t that supposed to be enough.”

He felt silent. I gently tried to move away from the door but he held my hand.

That night made love.

The next morning,

I opened my eyes. He was gone already. I rolled over to his used to be side of the bed to savor whatever warmth was still left. It was cold, he must have left early because of work. The bed sheet smelled of strawberry. I smiled painfully. I willed myself to get out of bed and get into the shower. Seeing his shampoo standing there i burst into tears. I cried a good while, eventually i had to bathe and leave for work.

Leaves are supposed to allow you to relax from work but as I smiled at my secretary and opened the door to my office, I felt like a train wreck. My first appointment would begin in ten minutes and i wasn’t ready for it.

Ten minutes later Mr. and Mrs. Johnson walked in for couple’s therapy. To say the least, the situation was very ironical.

“How are you Johnsons?” I asked with a very fake smile. My cheeks hurting from all the pretense.

“We good.” They responded

“Though not so very since you are here.” I threw some humorous comment.

They settled in and i could see the huge gap between them on the couch.

“First i want to congratulate you for making to the second therapy session, most couples disappear after the first one.”

Mr. Johnson smiled.

He was the one that had suggested couple’s therapy to his partner.

“So how have you two been since the last time we met?”

“We have been taking one step at a time.”

“Mrs. Johnson you expressed in the last session that you felt like your husband is not being supportive towards your career choices”

She nodded

“How so?”

“Well thanks, I feel like Will is insecure about me being in the head position at the company i work in. I feel like he doesn’t understand that my position come new responsibilities that if i don’t attend to i might actually lose my job.”

“Is that true Johnson?”

“No, i…”

“Of course he is going to flat out deny, what’s the point of coming to therapy if you aren’t going to be honest?” Mrs. Johnson piped in.

“Mrs. Johnson its Will’s turn now.”

“Thank you Ella,” He threw daggers at his wife before continuing.

“I am not insecure with her being promoted at work, if anything i am proud of you honey though you don’t believe me when i say that. I just wish you would spend more time with us and the twins.”

“But i try my best to be with you guys.” Mrs. Johnson yet again cut in.

“You used to spend more time with us before Michelle.”

They both clenched their jaws.

“Who is Michelle? And why did you guys not mention her in the last session?”

They both looked at each other.

“We just don’t like talking about her.”

“Why, what happened to her?”

“She was hit by a car and died on the spot, Jenny felt responsible.” Mr. Johnson said

A pit formed on my stomach and for a moment there i zoned out.

“Ella, are you okay?” Mr. Johnson asked concerned.

“That must have been hard, am so sorry for your loss.”

“They nodded.”

I wish they would understand how much i got what they were going through.

“After her loss what happened?”

“We grieved, but Jenny grieved more. She had gone with her to meet a friend and was a bit distracted when the accident happened. After that she hasn’t been the same. It’s when the long hours at work started.”

Will made an attempt to reach for her wife but changed his mind.

“Jenny, do you feel responsible for Michelle’s death?”

She nodded.

“Would you believe me if i told you it’s not your fault?”

She shook her head.

“Well it not and its time you started to heal and forgive what happened.”

“It’s not easy.”

“I know but you have to try.”

“Did you isolate yourself from your husband and kids because of this?”

She broke and we exhausted the tissues on the box.

“Am sorry Will, I thought you and the boys didn’t feel the pain i felt and also felt responsible for her death. I took hours away from you guys because i was tired of reading your faces trying to look for any form of accusation. I thought you were the better parent than i was.”

“What? Honey I don’t blame you.

. It was fate. And I only wished that you could have allowed us grieve as a family rather than running away from us. I was her father too and the twins lost their baby sister.”

That had gone too well.

“Mr. and Mrs. Johnson the loss of a child is a very painful and a hard thing but should not separate a family, instead it should even bring us close. Jenny you have a husband and twins who love you very much. It the best gift you can have, so cherish that. It’s a step at a time and am going to be there all the way. Will needs love from his wife and the twins also need the love, care and support from their mother.”

“I must say, Ella your words are so profound.” Mrs. Johnson said.

“I lost my child over an year ago and my husband is now divorcing me. I am telling you the advice i never followed.”

“We are sorry too.”

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