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My room remained unchanged.

Being inside it made me feel like it always did, good, protected and loved by my family. They were the thing I could never change. For anything. I left my suitcase on the floor. I would get back to it later. I opened the bedroom window and stared outside. I could hear the gentle flow of the stream. It was a few meters away from our house and flowed seasonally

. With the huge rains pouring down, it was likely to be filled at this time. I made a mental note to go check on it after I was well rested and in the mood.

I got from the window and opened my old closet. My college t-shirt what the first thing that caught my eye. I changed into them and found some tights to match them with. I then threw myself into the bed. The comforters were warm, welcoming and smelled of my mom’s favourite washing detergent. I smiled while taking everything in. This is what I needed. This was the place I wanted to be at this moment.

I closed my eyes and memories of my childhood flooded back in. I could hear Jimmie’s voice calling me to follow him to the stream. Mum hated the idea of us going into the stream swimming and that’s what made it more fun. We would wait when she had left for work then go swimming and sunbathed on the rocks. It was a tone of fun with the neighbour’s kids joining in

. Unlike most siblings we lacked that aspect of rivalry. Mom said that Jimmie was so excited when I was born that he did not allow guest to touch me when they came to see me after delivery. In him I had a protector, a big brother and most importantly a friend.

I turned to my side and drifted into sleep. It had been a three-hour drive and in my condition it had been too much given I had packed my bag just that morning.

An hour later I was woken up by a gentle rap on the door. I sat up and called.

“Come in. The door is not locked.”

My dad gently opened the door.

My dad has one of those faces. When he smiles at you or even talk to you, he makes you feel like nothing could ever go wrong. That is what makes him the best pediatrician in town.

“Am sorry I woke you up.”

“Oh no its okay. It was about time I unpacked anyway.”

He came in and sat beside me on my bed. His sleeves were rolled up half way. I could tell he had just come in from work.

“How was work dad?”

“Work is always fine. Kids can never be boring.”

I smiled without a word.

“Am sorry I couldn’t make it to come see you.”

“I understand dad. I came to you instead.”

It was his turn to smile.

“How are you holding up with everything?”

“Am just taking it one day at a time, trying to figure what to do now that all the dynamics have really changed.”

“I really don’t know what to say, am surprised all this happened. I wish there could be a way I could make it all go away.”

“It’s okay dad, am going to be alright.”

“Am so glad you decided to come home, I have been longing to see you my child.”

“Am so happy to be here too.”

He pulled me into a side shoulder hug.

“We are going to take care of you.”

“Thanks dad.”

“I should go freshen up a bit.

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. It’s been a long day.”

He rose up from the bed and slightly brushed my hair.



“I am thinking about selling the house.”


“Yes really, the house is pretty much useless. I can’t stay in it.”

“That fool did one thing right.”

“I didn’t want all his charity.”

My dad shrugged.


“I think you are letting pride get in the way of your son’s future.”

“But dad I have money enough to take care of my son and myself.”

“Am sure you do. But soon you will take a maternity leave and you will also have to rent an apartment or even buy a house. The house won’t sell immediately. It can take a while before it sells. Things would be extremely difficult without the savings.”

I groaned.

“You know am right.”

I shrugged.


“A good parent would give me a check of 100k to start me a new life.” I said laughing.

“I probably would but am saving up for something else.” He had a mischievous grin playing at the corner of his lips.

A look I knew too well.

“It’s a surprise for mum isn’t it?”

“Am not saying anything.”

“Come on dad, I can keep a secret.”

“I will leave you to your unpacking.”

“Dad wait.”

“What is it Ella.”

“I am thinking about moving to the capital.”

“You are?”

I shook my head.

“I have been offered a job to help with research at the University capital. You know I can easily get my career going on there.”

“You really have thought this through.”

“I need a new environment.”

“What happens to your clients now?”

“I will give them referrals to other doctors, the best in town.”

“You know moving away can easily mess up with your patient’s recovery.”

“I can’t stay here.”

“Well going away is going to affect the stability of many people including you. Why would you want to go so far away from us your family?”

“Dad I don’t want to stay in that town that hold so much memories.”

“I still think it’s a very bad idea.”

I clenched my jaw lightly.

“Before you make a final decision go over it as many times as you can.”

“Okay dad. Go freshen up. Will join you in a bit.”

As he left I placed my suitcase on top of the dressing table and started unpacking my clothes. I only planned to stay with my family for a week.

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