Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 6

I turned on the stereo and Bruno Mars’ song was playing ‘When I was your man’ came up.

That i should have brought you flowers,

And held you hand,

Should have gave you all my hours,

When I had the chance,

Take to every party,

‘Cause all you wanted to do was dance

Now my baby is dancing

But she’s is dancing with another man

I could totally relate.

As the song winded down tears comfortably cascaded down my face.

Over six years ago

The semester winded up without hearing anything from Uri. Eventually i got tired of asking how he was doing and moved on to other love potentials

. Jimmy finished his last exams and before he went to a full year of residency he made one last stop.

Technically I was a doctor too and would be doing my residency in the following two years after Jimmy but truth is Jimmy was brighter than me. I wanted psychiatry. I virtually opened people’s minds, while Jimmy opened people’s skulls literally.

On this day I was dressed and all dolled up for a date with some Victor dude i had met in some medical doctor conference the school organized.

I opened the gate in a hurry, not wanting to keep my date waiting at the restaurant. I tried to flag the first cab that appeared but it was occupied

. I didn’t have to wait long. A cab approached and it slowed down. Out came Jimmy and Uri followed closely.

I never made it to my date.

Uri had finished school and was going for an internship program just in the state my brother was doing his residency. They had first made a stop at Uri’s place and stayed there for some days before coming home, they were going to do the same here before leaving for the internship and residency concurrently.

I helped them with their bags before my parents took over reacting about Jimmy coming home. My parents were dramatic that way.

Later that night, I was in the kitchen fetching some juice and I noticed the TV was still on in the living room.

. Uri was supposed to be using the guest room. I entered the living room only to find Uri watching a late night show.

“Still awake?” I asked

“Oh hey,” he turned surprised to see me, “yeah i couldn’t sleep.”

“Why are you still awake?” He rolled back the question at me.

“I couldn’t sleep either,”

“You know its a bad habit eating at night after dinner.”

“Oh Mr. Engineer, what do you know? I should be giving you the tips. And technically am drinking not eating” I teased

“You forget too quickly i have stayed with a future neurosurgeon for five years.” He got into the flow.

“You know what i would say, it’s all in the mind.” I continued

We both burst into laughter.

“You got me on that one.” He responded.

I loved watching his smile. His deep set of cheek dimples appearing and disappearing. He was gorgeous in and out. The in was more gorgeous than the out,

We talked a little bit more about school, his internship and we didn’t notice time flying past. When I checked my watch three hours had passed. I had classes the following day.

“I should retire. I have classes tomorrow.” I said grudgingly

He checked is watch.

“Oh my goodness!” He exclaimed. “Time has flown.”

“Indeed it has, it always flies when you with the right people.” I said

“Spoken like a true psychiatric doctor, am so glad i made it here.”

“Not more than me, Goodnight Uri.”

“Goodnight Ella.”

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