Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 17

The Twins Looked Amazing.

Watching them from the position I sat made me want some for myself. It was a simple ceremony, Jenny was in a simple white satin dress while Will had a white Italian suit on. The boys were dressed in an African attire having yellow and green detail work on them. It was a beautiful and amazing ceremony in its own way.

When time was right I made my way to Jenny and Will. They were standing near a large vase of roses and chrysanthemum talking with other people I assumed were family

. Immediately they saw me they excused themselves and came to me.

Jenny drew me into a hug.

“You made it.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Your look beautiful today.” I said welcoming the warm hug.

“You cleaned up well yourself.”

“Am so proud of you guys.” I said giving Will a brief hug.

“We are so grateful that you could make it, it’s an honour to have you here.”

We continued chatting for some minutes. The boys came running towards us and started tugging on the dad’s trousers and the mum’s dress. They were playing a game of catch.

“Hey kids! Where are your manners?” Jenny asked bowing to meet them at eye level

. One thing was sure, they were their father’s kids. Their eyes were so similar I could picture Will as a small boy.

“Sorry mum.” They said simultaneously.

They turned their eyes at me.

“Good afternoon madam.” They said simultaneously yet again

“Good afternoon, please call me Ella.”

“Okay Ella.”

“Do they always talk at the same time like that?”

“Pretty much all the time.” Will said brandishing a happy smile only a proud father would have.

“What are your names.”

“Am Adam.”


“Nice to meet you Adam and Adrian.”

“Nice to meet you too Ella.”

“You look beautiful.” Adrian said.

“I was going to say the same thing. You look beautiful Ella.”

“I said it first.” Adrian said in a cheeky tone and stuck out his tongue to his already furious brother.

“Thank you boys.”

“Adrian, Adam uncle Allan is over there you should go say hi.” Jenny said to the kids.

We watched them run towards their uncle and my heart warmed.

“You guys must be proud.”

They all nodded still looking at the boys. Another guy came along and tagged Will away from us.

“Come on there is someone I want you meet.” Jenny said tugging on my hand.

We walked to the opposite of the garden.

“You know I must say you are glowing today, are you back with your husband? Or wait is it someone else?”

“No, nothing like that Jenny. If am glowing, it’s probably because this occasion has brought positive vibes in the air. Am so glad I made the time to come.”

“You deserve better Ella, if Uri would see you today he would think a million times over this divorce he is serving you with.”

I smiled to hid the slight tear I fell through my heart.

“There he is.” Jenny said grasping my hand tighter and hurrying me towards the stranger.

I looked at his brown leather boots and lingered for unknown reasons. My eyes trailed along the deep blue fashion jeans, then up to the brown sweater that hid a white cotton shirt inside. His gold watch fitted loosely over his right hand. I still hadn’t looked at his face. Almost like I sensed trouble in a good way.

It doesn’t matter, real beauty starts from the inside coming out. Let not his fierce features deceive you.

“Ella, this is Austin.”

“Austin meet Ella the doctor I was talking to you about.”

My eyes trailed up the neck, the most gorgeous set of deep blue eyes I had ever set my eyes on stared back at me.

“Nice to meet you Ella, Jenny has told me a lot about you, clearly not everything.”

“Nice to meet you too, Austin.”

“I will let you two talk while I attend to my guests.”

Off she went living me in the hottest trouble ever. They say it is pretty damn foolish to stare at the ground when a man talks to you, but foolish me did. I stared hard at the floor beside him.

“Jenny says you are a psychiatrist.”

“That I am.”

A waiter came carrying drinks.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“No am okay, I don’t drink.”

He let the waiter pass.

“I have a son, who might be needing your help.”

With the mention of the word son I knew I was talking to a man who had already been spoken for.

“Oh a son?” I said stuttering like he hadn’t said the same thing seconds ago.

“How can I be of assistance?”

“He is a bit withdrawn lately, I have tried talking to him but it’s like am not helping.

. He is growing worse everyday”

“Anything happened recently that’s affecting him? It could help me understand what am dealing with?”

“That’s what I would like you to find out.”

I tried not to look into his eyes or stare too long at how well his clothes took him.

“Is he …uum.”


“Am sorry am not trying to be racist or anything…. am just… am sorry.”

“It’s okay doctor, we are the ones who are mostly accused of racism.”

For no good reason I found myself laughing at his comment.

“So she laughs.”

I covered up a smile when he said that comment.

“When will I be seeing your son?”

“As soon as you can fix him in your schedule.”

“Then have him at my office at 10:00 am Monday.”

“Do you have a card or something?”

“Oh yeah, it has my number and the address of my office location.”

He extended his arm and gently removed the card from my hands.

“Thanks Doc, as much as it’s a pleasure being in your company am afraid I have to leave, my ride is here.”

He picked my hand and kissed it then made a slight nod.

“My lady.”

He smiled warmly and left me wondering what just happened. Did I just have a moment with a stranger? I was not kidding when I said Uriel was my first and only true love. The stranger I had danced beside in a party only to find out later that he was my brother’s roommate. Uriel was my first everything. Until moments ago when my patient had introduced me to a stranger. A stranger who had the magical abilities of keeping my tongue tied. Why did men have to do that? Underlying was the reality of my situation. I was barely separated from my husband. If it ever came to the point I had to move on I would have to wait a bit longer for my heart to heal it’s scars.

Out of nowhere Jenny grabbed me.

“So tell me, how is he?”

“What do you mean how is he?”

“I saw the chemistry between you two.”

“Am barely divorced with my husband the last thing I want to do is dating a man. I love Uriel.”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

“Can I get a seat? Am feeling a bit dizzy.”

“Sure darling.”

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