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5 Years Later..

“Noah!” I called in frustration as the sanitary packs tumbled on top of him from the shelves. He landed on the floor with his butt and stared at me with his big innocent eyes. I sighed and embarked on returning the fallen goods back to the shelf.

“Am sorry mother.” He said.

“It’s okay, accidents happen.”

“In that case can i get a bar of my favourite chocolate?”

“Nice try buddy but your doctor specifically said you should stay away from those till your next appointment. Hopefully you will be on the clear.”

Dropping his shoulders he started pushing the trolley with my help

. We went to the cashier and paid for the goods we had bought. It took a while before all my goods were packed. Noah wondered a few metres away and ended up crashing on twin girls waiting on their mum. I rushed over when i heard the lady screaming at a bewildered Noah.

“I am sorry. He is just a boy.” I apologised holding my son protectively.

“You should teach your son social discipline. What is he doing running around in a supermarket?” She went on complaining. All this time she was bent over attending to her kids.

“You are right

. There is no excuse of what just happened but am sorry.”

She stood up to face me. I was shocked when i saw who it was. A face i had thought i would never see again stood before me.



I was lost of words. I looked at her then at her daughters. They resembled their mother with the exception of the deep set of dimples that showed on their cheeks. All kids looked confused.

“Madam, everything is packed. Do you need help with the luggage?” The attendant who had been packing my stuff asked breaking the tension.

“Yes i will appreciate that.”

I turned to Joyce and apologised again on behalf of my son. “I am sorry.”

I followed the attendant. Once we got outside i asked him to set the bags down. Austin had gone with the other kids in search for some video games for sammy. Noah stayed with the hoping of me buying his chocolate.

“Thanks for the help.” I said to the attendant giving him a small tip for his kindness.

I removed my cellphone from my handbag. Noah was playfully tugging on my jean pockets.

“Ella!” Joyce voice called from behind.

Suprised, i stayed silent but my whole attention was on her. Noah held on my pocket tighter.

“Can we talk?” She asked in a very polite tone.

“I do not have a lot of time.” I said.

“It won’t take long.”

I gave Noah some change to get himself ice cream. Joyce did the same with the girls.

“You have beautiful girls.” I complimented.

“Thanks.” Your son is a cutie too.

I smiled.

“Ella, i wanted to say am sorry. You know for taking your husband away from you. What happened should never happened to any woman. I did wrong. Please accept my apology.”

“It’s okay Joyce. I have already forgiven you.”

“Thanks.” She said suprised.

“I must say i don’t understand. How can you forgive me after everything i put you through? After everything i said to you.”

“I did not believe for a second back then that i would forgive you guys. Most especially not Uri for how you two sneaked around my back. But i did. You see when you took Uri you snatched the prince of my life but a king was lurking in the shadows. Just waiting for his rightful seat to be vacated. If anything i should be grateful to you.”

My heart swelled while i said those words. Austin my king then went on.

“It’s all forgiven Joyce. Am just grateful you recognised your mistake but that should not bind you from enjoying your marriage. Am not angry anymore. Just be good to him.”

She nodded. I could see tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

“Joyce is everything okay?”

She shook her head.

“What is the problem?”

“It’s Uri, we are having problems.” She said. It was hard for her to hold the tears back. Involuntarily i placed my hand on her shoulders.

“Whatever it is. Its not a good idea for me to know about it but i know of people who could help you. Give me your phone.”

I typed Pastor Thomas’ number and saved it then typed Grace’s number too.

“Call Grace, she will definately help you. She is in my profession and she is someone i trust would help you. Uri may have done me a number but deep down i know he is a good man.”

“Thank you for this. God will bless you more.”

“Please don’t thank me. It’s nothing.”

“Still am grateful.”

I smiled and she smiled back. A hug at this point would be too awkward. 5 years ago we would be in each others neck trying to kill each other.

My crew came back from the movie/game shop.

“Mummy i got you a tiara made of flowers.” Grace shouted while racing towards me.

“Thanks Grace.”

Graca and Graciella scampered after her.

“Mummy we all bought it.” Graciella complained while out of breath.

“Thanks Grace, Graca and Graciella.”

“They are triplets?” Joyce asked suprised.

“No actually they are quintuplets.” We have Gabriel.” I pointed at the guy seated around Austin’s neck sucking on candy.

“Wow this is amazing.”


Austin removed Gabriel from around his neck and set him down beside the girls.

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. He planted a kiss on my cheek.

“What did i miss?” He asked.

“Nothing much. I finished shopping and ran into an old friend. We have been catching up.”

“That’s wonderful. I am Austin, Ella’s husband .” He said extending his arm towards Joyce.

“I am Joyce, an old friend.”

“It’s getting late. I should get going.” She added.

We said our goodbyes.

Sammy who had joined Noah at the icecream stand. They met us at the car. I sat with my husband in the front seat. The girls sat in the middle while Noah, Gabriel and Sammy manned the back.

“Is everyone buckled up?”

The kids nodded.

Joyce car left the parking lot first. The girls waved at Noah. It was crazy to think that they were actual siblings.

“Honey, who is that woman?”

“She is Uri’s current wife.”

“What ? I mean are you okay?”

“Are you kidding me? I have never in my life been feeling this good.”

He leaned foward and kissed my lips.

“Eeeew!” Sammy exclaimed.

“Gross!” Noah added.

Gabriel burped.

“Wait till i start calling him king.”

“I feel like am watching porn right now. Mum and dad stop.” Sammy cried.

“Am sorry y’all i got carried away.” I apologised.

Austin engaged the car.

“Let’s go home.”


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