Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I could hear him from the kitchen parking his car.

“He must be tired.” I thought to myself.

I finished washing the last leaf of kales at the sink then went to the fridge. I scanned the contents of the fridge. It was full because i had bought groceries the day before. A half-filled jar of homemade mango juice was in there too

. Grabbing the jar, i fetched a glass and poured some juice till it was almost full then left the kitchen to find Uri.

He was not there at the living room though his car keys were set on the coffee table. I went into the bedroom but he was not there either. I could hear the shower running. Setting the glass on top of the bedside locker, i proceeded to knock on the bathroom door.

“Yes?” He said while turning off the shower.

“Honey, i brought you some juice…. thought you were hungry, i will be in the kitchen preparing dinner.”

Some seconds passed before he replied.


With that he resumed bathing. Resisting the urge to open the door and join him, i willed myself to go back to the kitchen. Dinner was waiting for me to prepare.

Bringing out the chopping board, i cut the kales into thin slices. I was so grateful that i had the next two weeks to myself and my family

. I was on leave. My only wish was to rekindle the spark that was once between us. I knew Uri loved me and i loved him too, so very much. It was hard to imagine my life without him. He was the one, and with every fiber of my body i intended to spend the rest of my life with him. It bothered me that we had gotten so accustomed to each other. Marriage was more of a routine to us.

When Uri kissed me every morning before he left for work it did not have that special touch it once had, his special touch. We barely had time for anything. We had long stop spending time together or with our friends. Something always came up when we made plans. We had fights here and there but that was nothing out of the ordinary. Couples fight, right? I wanted that spark back and this two weeks i was going to do everything towards achieving that.

Vanilla scent filled the kitchen. I turned to see him leaning against the door, his right hand holding the glass i had given him, half-filled with juice. He was wearing a grey vest with blue track shorts.

“This tastes nice.” He complimented.

“Thanks, i made it myself.” I responded beaming inside.

He flashed a weak smile at me. I stood watching his reaction. The vein on his forehead bulged a bit. His dimples appeared and disappeared in an instant like a flash. In truth, my husband is a very handsome guy. Always wondered how i got him for myself.

“How was work?” I asked trying to start a conversation.

I turned around checked the meat that was boiling on the gas stove before resuming to chop my veggies.

“Work was fine.”

A brief moment of silence passed.

I spanned around again.

“I was thinking…” I stated.

“I want a divorce.” He said solemnly.

“What?’ I asked as if I had not heard him the first time.

“I want a divorce.” He repeated.

I held my forehead which felt slightly warmer now.

. The room was dead silent with the exception of the meat that was boiling over. I looked at his eyes. He betrayed no emotion. I hated when he did that. Was he kidding me?

It must be a big prank. Was it April fool’s day? No you dumbass it’s October. Nowhere near April.

“What do you mean you want a divorce? Can we at least talk about this?”

“Ella, not everything can be talked out of.”

“But we haven’t tried talking yet?” I pushed on.

“Damn it Ella, am not one of your patients.”


I paced around the kitchen, switching off the gas cooker in the process. I needed to think, but about what? My husband of four years wanted a divorce. Four years of wanting and loving was culminating to one word, divorce.

“Uri please let’s just have a recess then talk about this.”

“It’s too late for that.” He said

“What do you mean too late? I have not been expecting this, how can it be too late? Is this about Joyce?”

“Leave Joyce out of this, this is about you and me not working, our marriage has been sinking for so long Ella.”

I run my fingers through my wig. I was in denial, wanted to cry but i couldn’t.

Someone please tell me this is a joke.

“Maybe we could see a counsellor, let’s not just rush things over.”

“It’s broken beyond that Ella, i want a divorce.”

I stared at him helplessly then he added.

“You can keep the house.” Then left.

Keep the house? I don’t want to keep the house. All I want is you and you alone.







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