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I stretched my body only to feel the empty side of my bed. It all came tumbling back, I rolled over and in my head replayed how waking up beside him felt like. His smile lit up my world. I ran my fingers over my face. My eyes were swollen as swollen could get from crying. Turns out, a bowl of chocolate ice-cream and a loyal friend beside you do not drain up sorrow.

My head hurt too.

Story of my life.

Six years ago i met a boy who stole my heart. He did not just steal it, he made it beat in ways i never knew were possible

. Standing there looking at him I knew i loved him. And puff! He was gone. I rolled of my bed while groaning then headed for the bathroom. I placed some paste on my toothbrush and faced the mirror. My eyelids were really swollen. Here is the thing. I loved Uri so much and losing him was going to destroy me. Utterly. Completely.

Rinsing my mouth i went back into the bedroom and picked up my phone then dialed Jim’s number. Jim is my brother and Uri’s best friend.

“Hello Jimmy.”

“Hello, little siz.”

“I need you to come over.”

“Am on my way.”

Twenty minutes later when the doorbell rang I knew it was Jimmy. I had already taken a quick shower and was wearing something to suit my terrible mood

. Opening the door, i was met by a tall man wearing a dull suit.

“You must be Ella Jackson, am Robert, Uri’s lawyer.”

I felt the pit in my stomach expand.

. Should I send him away? Deciding against it i invited him inside.

“Come on inside.” I told him.

“Have a seat.”

He settled comfortably and i perched on a seat opposite him.

“Forgive my manners can i offer you something, coffee? Tea? Juice maybe.” I offered.

“No thanks this won’t take long,”

I waited on edge.

“Am sure you already know why am here, it’s for the divorce process. As per the law you both have to wait for three months. That’s a mandatory period for any couple divorcing.”

“But sir I don’t want a divorce, i…” This is ridiculous.

“Ma’am it’s not within my jurisdiction to enter between your emotional conflicts, my advice is you just sign the papers when it comes to that. He only asks to walk away with his car keys and half of your savings in the joint account you created.”

That was Uriel always making the noble gestures.

“Can I contend this in court?”

“My advice, don’t. In my honest opinion it will only drag you guys and probably bring out the animosity inside of you guys. You still have three months, the process can stop anytime between the three months. Maybe if you could find a way to talk to him on a neutral ground, but courts are simply the worst.”

He stood to leave.

“Thank you, Mr. Robert.”

He left a white envelope that had copies of the divorce papers so that I could go through.

As he left James also walked in.

“Baby girl…. Whoa! Come on in here.” He said pulling me into a hug.

The flood gates opened.

“He left.”

“I know am so sorry.”

I pulled out from the hug.

“He slept at you place? You knew he was going to ask for a divorce and you didn’t give me a heads up?”

“Ella come on, Jackson has been my friend long before he was anything to you, I couldn’t let him sleep in a hotel, and he told me about the divorce after he told you but you can’t say you did not see this coming.”

“What is that even supposed to mean?”

“Let’s put aside the fact that you are hurting and all and let’s look at your relationship in the past one year. Can you clap for yourself?”

I stayed silent.

“I want to see him and talk to him.” I demanded

“He just needs time.”

“But he is going to work and will be talking to that girl Joyce, he needs time from me?!” I screamed.

“Ella calm down.”

“Am going to his office, we need to talk about this.”

“You can’t go there like this. You will only embarrass him and yourself.”

He was right.

I sat on my favorite armchair.

“How did we get to this spot?” I asked Jimmy.

“You tell me.”




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