Episode 23


” If one is not within the vicinity of falsehood, one can’t be falsely accused ” StephMide -2016.

Suffering, reproach, challenges, pain, failure, mourning, are part of human lives if you have never experience any of this, that means you have never starts live. One thing is for sure you can never escape any of these if you escape one you can’t escape the others, so don’t be discourage if you ever face any of these in life, they are part of your success story.

Back to my story, i hope you remember what happened in the last episode. Well hope you remembered i told you i slammed the door against my aunty,what happened that evening was outrageous.

” how did i manage to do that? ” that was the question i was asking myself all throughout the time i was in the room. I didn’t even bother myself to go for dinner because without anybody telling me, i have already know there is no food for me that evening.

So to save myself from hunger that night, i took part of the money i saved from the tutorial job at Mrs Williams house, so i sneak out of the house to buy snacks outside, after eating the snacks to my satisfaction i returnend back to the house, because i can’t go back with the snacks in my hand, by now i guess you guys should have know who my aunty is, she will definitely caught me.

Thank God that i eat the snacks before coming back ,i met my aunty in the house, looking like a ravenous Lion, that has been looking for his prey for so long.
” where are you coming from ” my aunty thundered, i was used to it, so i was not moved by her thunderous voice, she was surprised at my sudden boldness, unlike before,
” are you not the one i am talking to? ” she wanted to come forward but i guess she was afraid for what happened in the afternoon not to repeat itself, i was happy inside me,

” Finally i have get this woman “i said to myself

” i went to check maybe something outside ”

” now i see you have been smoking infact you are really a b—–d ” i was angry when she said b—–d, but i restrain myself from doing anything funny, i maintain my cool.

” let Jimi comes back just know this before then that you are dead ” she stormed straight to her room

Yes at last i finally get her i was so happy, just because i was able to goad up fear in her, i walked majestically into my room whistling. But when i remembered my uncle, fear engulfed me immediately like a turkey about to be slain

” don’t be afraid inasmuch you can face his wife you can also face him” i confided myself that nothing is going to happen.

” my son” i heard my mom voice ,but she was nowhere at sight. I checked everywhere in the room, maybe my mom was there, but i can’t found her.

” where are you mom? ”
” i am here with you”
” but why can’t I see you? ”
” you can’t because of the stand you are at the present moment? ”

” which stand are you talking about mom? ”

” my son i know the pain and agony you have passed through in the past and at this present moment but you have to stop that spirit if rebellion and anger in you if you really want to cross to the other side which is your promise land”

” what rebellion are you talking mom” i quarried

” you just have to stop it or your future will be blur”

I was the most confused person on earth that moment, because i was unable to understand what she was saying, i was about asking her what she meant by my future will be blur, i need answer to this, it was at the moment i heard a loud noise coming from outside.

Ouch it was a dream again , it was the loud banging on the door that woke me up,

” if you like kill yourself inside i will be happy ” it was my aunty who said this

” Ekundayo are you deaf i said you should open this door ” i jumped up from my bed immediately when i heard my uncle voice, i guess they have been knocking for so long.

” gbooooooooooooooooahhhhh” a resounding hot slap landed on my face immediately i opened the door, this slap is different from the one my uncle has been slapping me because for like one minute i could not see anything, every where was like hell to me it was after two minutes that i began to see clearly.

Another slap landed on my cheek again this time. It was as if the couples were doing slapping contest on my face, because as the husband was slapping me from the right the wife was be slapping me from the left. Tears gushed out of my face like a unstoppable river. When the slap was too much for me i slumped down on the floor, i guess it was when they saw me slumping down that they leave me.

Against this time i saw myself putting on white, smile filled ny face when i saw my mom waving at me at the other side because there is one pit that serves as a Denmacation between us. I was still thinking what i am going to use to cross over when a man in white apparel touched my back. This man was strange, his voice was sounding like a thunder, his eye was like a sun, his hair was like a diamond.

” son you can’t cross over” the strange man said

” why”

” because you are not qualify to cross over ”

” what do you mean by not qualified, can’t you see my mother over there waving at me” the smile of this man was intrigue, it can make every lady fall for him without him toasting them
” yes i can see that but you have not even start what God want you to do in live”

” what do you mean by that, if only you could see what i am passing through on Earth you will won’t be standing here and be advising me to go back to earth . Sir i am not going back to that miserable world ”

” you have to go now”

A strange wind just come from nowhere, and carried me in a great speed to an unknown destination.

I sneezed before opening my eye. It is morning, i was surprised that I was still on the same floor that i slumped last night,

“this means that my uncle left me like that since yesterday night, gracious God this couples are inhuman ”

I stood up as i made myself to the bed, i remembered the man in white apparel, i was cursing beneath why the man send me back to earth

” that man must be a devil but just disguise like an angel ” i concluded. Few minutes later my aunty came to my room, looking at her i guess she was not happy seeing me alive ,i remembered all the slaps she and my uncle gave me last night, immediately i started feeling the Pain on my cheek.

” so you are still alive, i thought you have died, will you stand up and come and clean the house for me b—–d ” she said before slamming the door against me.

I was strangled down with pain all over my body because i still have some bruise on my body, so i managed to stand up before going to clean the house.

Hmmmmmmm the real drama is just been unfolding

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