Episode 4

” what ” i was speechless
Mummy timo is a teacher is the bursar of my school . This woman was the one who told me my mom has paid for the waec, but i was surprise with what she was now saying.

” Yes it is true i told you your mother has paid for the waec ,but i only did that according to her instruction, so that you Will be rest assured and prepared well for the exam” i was shocked

” she only paid #5 out of #21 of the waec fee, but she promised to balance the money before the exam β€œshe added.

I became weak immediately as i sat back on the chair . There was silence everywhere for like two minutes, until pa oye broke the silence.

” As you can see now, you have no option than to follow jimi to Lagos ” jimi what do you have to say” uncle jimi stood up and address the family
” I thank the whole family for everything and i promise that i will take care of Ekundayo to your satisfaction and. As God will help me”

Everybody was happy with uncle Jimi response

” jimi we are proud of you. We believe God will help you on the behalf of the entire family we want to appreciate you for your cooperation and understanding ,thank you very much ”

After the meeting i was asked prepares everything ready because i will be leaving with uncle jimi as early as possible the next day.

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