Episode 5

FEBRUARY 19 1974

I woke up as early as possible by five to make everything set for that morning journey. Thank God i have already packed all my cloth into the Ghana must go bag,mummy timo bought for me yesterday evening. I looked at my father’s house very well for the last time. tears gulped down from my eye immediately i remembered everything that happened. I went to my parents grave outside because they were buried beside each other

” momma and papa I believe you are resting in heaven ,but please keep watching over me as i go to Lagos ,i promise to be celebrating today as a remembrance day for two of you not only that, i promise to come back and rebuild this house in your memory i love you momma papa ” i cried five minutes before i eventually leave the grave .

By 5:30 i was at uncle jimi house he was just bathing that time i waited at uncle jimi Peugeot 504 car till he finished bathing. That car was something else if you were born around 1974 you will understand how expensive the car was then only one person have Peugeot in my town then apart from uncle jimi.By 6:05 we zoomed off to Lagos .

What a Beautiful morning. The sky was blue and glamorous. The birds were singing soronously up the sky, the air that was coming into the car was natural.
The tall trees by the road side did beautifully with the air,by making it fresh .
The journey was a little bit stressful but at the same time interesting. Being the first time of going to Lagos i was happy.

I remembered yomi my classmate who visited his father in Lagos during the first term holiday in our ss2 . I could remember vividly how he boasted of visiting cenema going to the beach, how he visited his father gangantic company in ikeja. Though we all knew yomi to be a good liar, but because we have not been to Lagos before we can’t do anything but to look In admiration. Yomi is a loquacious notwithstanding i and my other classmates became jealous of yomi.

” finally i am going to Lagos ” a little smile escape from my face which uncle jimi noticed immediately

” dayo what is wrong and why are you smiling? ”

“nothing sir i amjust happy because am going to Lagos ”

“oooooohhhhhh” he said faintly
The journey was nothing but Tickety-boo even though the Peugeot was slow but i enjoyed every moment of the journey .

We stopped at osun state around 1 pm to take our lunch in one of the food seller joints popularly known as Bukar. My uncle ordered for four plate of pounded yam two for me and the remaining two for him with egusi soup and a bush meat.
Ekiti people we like pounded yam. Within the next five minutes we have get rid on the food my uncle ordered for another two plates for himself , by then i was rounding up my second plate

” is that one okay with you? ” i quickly nodded no, they brought me another two plate.

” God see enjoyment ” i said to my self

” I will enjoy my self in This Lagos ” i said to my self smiling only if i knew the disaster that awaits me in Lagos. .

After ten minutes we resume back our journey to Lagos. But we stopped at ibadan to buy fuel. Ibadan is also a big city
Finally by 5pm we arrived lagos i was dumbfounded at the sight of the enormous buildings that filled the street.
Most especially the companies buildings My uncle pointed to the company he is working with i saw boldly written on the gargantuan building

” BAMS FOOD LIMITED ” Wow this is where My uncle works , i could not say anything but look at the COMPANY in admiration. My uncle stopped by the road side to buy some snacks and bread before we continue our endless journey i was already tired.

Finally we stopped in front of one beautiful bungalow . After horning many times that look endlessly a girl around 8-9years came to open the gate.

Little did i know stepping into the house is the beginning of my problems
We drove into the garage as we entered

” Daddy ” the little beautiful girl screamed as her dad alighted from the car and embraced her

” How are you my little angel ”

” I am fine daddy what did you buy for me. ”

” i bought your favorite biscuit dayo bring the black nylon bag from the back seat ” i quickly gave my uncle the nylon bag , as the little girl staried at me i could see anxiety on her face.i guess she is wondering who i am.

” where is your mummy?”

” she is cooking inside the kitchen ”
my uncle carried his daughter inside leaving me outside to battle with the heavy luggage in the boot.

I eventually succeeded in unpacking the luggage from the boot after three minutes . I met my uncle and his wife in the sitting room. With their daughter consuming the biscuit before him
” good evening ma” i greeted. My uncle’s wife stared at me for 5 seconds before she eventually replied me. I guess she was expecting me and at the same time not happy to see me
” how are you? you are welcome ” my uncle noticed the worried look on his wife face

” this is Ekundayo my late brother’s son”

” ooh you are the one” she said faintly with a frank face

” Ekundayo meet my wife Florence and my daughter iyenede” ” carry your bag to the second room at your left side that is where you will be staying ” he added

“alright sir ” i carried my bag and head straight to the room. The room was little dusty but i get rid of the dirtiness within ten minutes. After that i shower before heading to the dinning room for dinner
i was wowed at sight of the jollof rice before me.

At home i only eat jollof rice once in a year and that will only be on Christmas Day apart from when my mom went to a ceremony , that is the only place i eat jollof rice from.

I rushed the food into my mouth as fast as my mouth can contain even though the food was hot, i like it like that. I slowed a little bit when I noticed my uncle his wife and daughter were staring at me as if i was a criminal . I was ashamed of myself i felt like living the dinning but for the food sake i stayed behind until i eventually get rid of it .

I resume back to my room after the dinner but i was call by my uncle some minutes after.

” Sir you called me ”
” have your seat ” i sat down on the cushion chair ,the sitting room was painted in blue color with blue carpet.
There was a black and white television on the shelf at the left hand side .

” You are welcome to our house feel free, this is your house as well. your late father who was my brother was a good person and the only thing I can do to repaid him is by taking care of you ,so by next week Monday you will follow me to where you will be schooling so that you can write your waec. I promise to sponsor you to university because your father made me who I am today ” i was overwhelmed with joy when I heard my uncle saying this

” thank you sir and ma i promise to do my best for you and your family and i promise never to disappoint you in my exam ” i thank my uncle as i resumed back to my room jumping but i noticed my uncle’s wife was not that happy with what my uncle said because she was silent throughout.

“well my uncle decision is final ” i said to myself . only if i knew who is Ruling the house.

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