Episode 11

Well my impression about Ella was wrong, she turned out to be the most wonderful creature i have even met in my life.

I finished selling all the 12 bottles after about three hours of hawking, it was like a magic. Actually Ella took me to the main street of ikeja the place was more rowdy unlike my area.

We were on our way coming home when the weather change, the cloud in the sky was now forming a little darkness
” the rain is about falling we have to be fast”

I heard Ella saying, but even if i run the rain will still beat me because my house is very far

” i can’t escape the rain ” i informed Ella

” why?”
“my house is still far ahead”i said
“but you can branch at my place ”
What her place hope this girl know what she is saying, i should follow her to her house ,no i can’t.

” Don’t worry i can see you are afraid nothing will happen to you,just follow me our house is not far from this place ” after alot of pleading from Ella i agreed to follow but not until she promised me nothing will happen to me.

After running like four minutes we eventually arrived in front of one small shop, by this time the rain is already falling, notwithstanding we were beaten by the rain. A light in complexion woman came out from the shop without anybody telling me she is ella mother because the resemble each other

” why don’t you come home when you see the rain forming? ”

” we started coming home when we saw it” i was looking at mother and daughter as they were arguing. This time ella mother was looking at my side i guess she was wondering who am i.

” good afternoon ma” i greeted as i looked at another side

” good afternoon my son ” Ella noticed the look on her mother face
” mummy this is Ekundayo my friend we used to hawks soft drinks together.

” so you intentionally allow rain to beat this innocent boy ” her mother scorned her before facing me

” i am sorry my son, hope you are not feeling cold now? ” i nodded my head signaling no

” oya Ella take your friend inside and set up the stove so that you can warm yourselves from it,i will join you after packing all this thing inside ”
I followed Ella innocently as we ran inside, the rain was falling heavily this time. We entered their face me and face you apartment. We entered the last room from the left, which no6 was written on top of it .Ella dropped her bucket and mine at the door step before we entered. I sat down on the chair as Ella mistakenly or should I said intentionally off her cloth before me,remaining pant on her.

What i saw before me was something to behold, I didn’t notice all this before because I was More concerned about me selling all bottles of the soft drinks. Ella was curvaceous in nature i wondered how a little girl of her age could possess such a shape. I quickly controlled myself especially the little thing under me, This time Ella turned around facing me with her gangantic firmed bossom. Gracious God i swallow hard my saliva as i watch Ella gracious body in admiration, she noticed the look on my face and smile

” this girl must be a Jezebel” i concluded, not only that ,she is not even ashamed .

This time she has put on another cloth she came forward to my side carrying stove smiling

” why are you staring at me like that? ”

” what? ” i pretended as if i didn’t hear her

” i saw you staring at me lustfully the other time ”

” me no i am not”

‘ don’t worry ‘

She set the fire on the stove as two of us stretch our hands on the stove. Ella was looking at my face smile, this girl is indeed a Jezebel i quickly changed the mood by asking her the most shocking questions of her life, how i wish i did not ask, well it is not my fault, it is a necessity.

” what about your Dad? ” Ella countenance change immediately wearing a sad look

” what is wrong and why is your face so hard ”

” alright don’t worry again ” i said relaxing on the chair.

” i will tell you ” Ella finally voiced out.

Ella narrated her ordeal as her looked at her in shock. Ella father sent her and her mom out of their house when she was seven years old because her mom was an illiterate , ever since then her father has not asked about their well being, so her mother has been the one taking care of her, she narrated how they have suffered in their village when her mother’s family turned against them, simply because they were not in support of Ella mother marriage to her father, they accused her of marrying for greediness. It was after they gathered some money in the village that they relocated back to Lagos and their present apartment.

I was sorry for Ella, i could not behold the tears on her eyes, i did not know when i drew her closer and give her a warm kiss.
I quickly disengaged from her when i noticed what i have done

” i am sorry it is Not intentional” i said as i withdraw back. Ella noticed the guilty on my face and smile

” it is nothing ” she said amicably.
Her mother entered few minutes after.

” hope you are okay my son ”

” i am okay ma”

I waited for a long time waiting for the rain to stop but alas the rain keeps falling.
I was shocked when I checked the time on the wall clock 5:50

” Jesus ” i shouted. Ella and her mom were surprised at me

” what is wrong with you ” Ella quarried

” my aunty will kill me today, i have to be on my way home now ”

” you can’t dayo the rain is still falling heavily outside ” ” yes i know i will enter it”

” my son why don’t you wait for the rain to stop i will escort you to your house ”

Escort What? This people want to kill me be that ooo. When they see they could not stop me, they let me go but not after i have eat a plate of hot eba and egusi soup there, the most funniest part of it was that i and Ella eat from the same plate, i enjoyed the moment, but i don’t understand myself again it is as if i am falling for Ella. ” no God forbid ” i quickly rejects the thought .

I left Ella house exactly 6pm as we agreed to meet at our normal junction tomorrow.
The rain was seriously pouring heavily but i had no choice, the sky was totally dark now but because of the street lights and light from some shops i was able to find my way home.

I was afraid when i get to our house i opened the gate as i tiptoed to the door i noticed that my uncle car as already packed inside the garage, this is really double problem for me i knocked the door three times before iyenede opened the door. I met the angry couples waiting for me in the sitting room without anybody telling me what to do i quickly go on my kneel. My uncle came toward me this time around with a fierce looking face, the last thing i heard was ‘ gboaaaaaaaah’

Jesus i screamed my uncle gave me a hot slap that almost makes me blind
” give me the wire inside my room ” i heard my uncle saying, my aunty dashed straight to the room to get the wire, truth be told I was given the hell beating of my life, i was screaming all through the demonic beating. My uncle stopped after he was satisfied.

” you want to kill us as you kill your parents right, God forbid if that is the case i will get rid of you first idiot ” i was sobbing this time around because the pain i was feeling was unbearable

” where did you went to? ” my aunty asked without reply

” are not the one she is talking to or you want to get another round of beating ” my uncle thundered

” i branch somewhere when i the rain started ”

” idiot so you didn’t see the rain coming by the way how many bottles did you sell and where is my money? ”
I brought out the money as i hand it over to her

” i sold everything ma”
She was surprised likewise my uncle
” you sold everything? ” “yes ma” i replied

She was smiling as she counted the money

” hope it is complete? ” my uncle asked

” yes ” she replied smiling
” now go inside and bath before you eat your dinner”

” which dinner he is not eating anything tonight for what he did”
I feel like crying when she said that.

” this woman is really wicked ” thank God i ate eba from Ella place, she must not know about her. I resume to my room as i reminiscized about everything that happened at ella place, seriously i am falling in love with this girl.

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