Episode 21


My thought was that i have arrived my promise land since i came to uncle wale’s place but my fortune was Not long until another misfortune befall me.
Well back to my story ,like i said earlier i uncle wale and his wife Funmilola we went to cinema to celebrate the new Year that day marked my 1 week at uncle wale place. I was over i mean over joyous i going to cinema, gracious God this is unbelievable, well by 10 a.m. we zoomed off to the cinema, wow the place was indescribable for me because i have never been to any one before, we sat at the empty seats at the back because all the front seat were already occupied.

I was engross with the movie that was going on then because it was so interesting, the same goes to uncle wale and his wife because there faces shows it, turning to my left hand side i saw the person i never wish to see again in my life because everything about this person is wickedness.

Well unknown to me that she has been looking at me since she came to the cinema half hour ago, she was in doubt may be i am the one or not, but facing her this time clear her doubt, oooh no how i wish i never face that side, well i haven’t told you the person, the person is nobody than my aunty wicked and Jezebel friend ,i guess she was surprised seeing me there, i too i was surprise,i quickly faced the front ,but i notice something strange, the man beside her i mean the person she came with was yong to be her husband the guy according to my guessing will be around 24 years old. Looking at the guy he will be one of her sugar boyfriend, i was happy she pretended not to see me but inside me am not comfortable.

Thank God at last we left the cinema, i still remember when I was leaving she was seriously staring at me, i too didn’t even bother of looking at her side talkless of greeting her, but wait what did i want to greet her for.

Everything was going on well until that day, i mean the third day of new year my uncle stormed in into my new home like a wounded lion his reaction that day makes me to hate him more but i can’t do anything to him because he is my blood .
I was inside the kitchen washing the dirty plates around 6:35pm ,while uncle wale and his wife were watching their new black and white television inside the sitting room when my uncle stormed in without knocking, Uncle wale was enraged by that

” how dare you to storm into my house like that like a mad dog”

” so i am the mad dog, and u call this a house, well i am not here for that,i am here to take my nephew you kidnapped in your domain here? ”

” which your nephew are you talking about? ”

” you know now Ekundayo of course ”
” seriously yoh are mad now get out of my house ” uncle wale thundered, i came out from the kitchen this time

” ehehe so dayo they have now turn you to a house boy, now go inside and get your load we are going home together tonight” i was crazy within me Infact what i was thinking at that moment is that i should just get cutlass and beheaded him home ko home ni, i just stand there unmoved .

” are you deaf i said go inside now and pack your things we are leaving here together ” i was just looking at him with hatred which clothes is he talking about the one he bought for me?. It was as if uncle wale reads my mind

” you must be crazy for saying that the one you bought for him inside the cell you throw him to, but jimi you are wicked so with all the things this boy did for you when we were in school, you can still treat him like this,well i can now see why his father didn’t want you to marry that Jezebel witch you called wife, now get out of my house ” uncle wale stormed

” oooh i see they have bewitched you,you are calling someone witch, while your wife is busy donating the children you supposed to have in there kingdom, so get lost and you Ekundayo the family gave you to me not him so follow me now before i loose my temper” this add more fuel to the already burning fire in uncle wale. I didn’t know how it happened but what i heard next is gboooooooaaah, what uncle wale landed a hot blow on uncle jimi face, it was aunty Funmilola who hindered him from landing the second blow, well i was enjoying the whole seen now.

My uncle struggled free from uncle wale grips, i can now see you are truly crazy but with this i will sue you to court for kidnapping ”[/b] uncle jimi said as he headed to the door

” besides i am going to make sure you loose your job i am going to the commissioner of police tomorrow so prepare to receive your sack letter ” he said

” get out idiots”
” i am going out already ” uncle jimi said before storming out
” calm down my husband just leave him alone ” aunty Funmilola said calming her husband
” go and continued what you are doing dayo” uncle wale said as he stormed in to his room while his wife followed him.

God why this again my uncle just threatened him with his job,sorry my readers i didn’t tell you that uncle wale and his wife have not given birth to any child for the past 7 years , i was sorry for them when aunty Funmilola told me with tears the other day, i was so sad
” stop crying ma i promise i will be more to you than your own biological children ” i promised her
i quickly washed the remaining plates before resuming back to my room .

Hmmmmm hot scene is on the way but who’s gonna win this battle jimi or wale? So guessing start now

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