Episode 17


The way i was bundled and throw inside the cell was like the way they use to throw bag of cement anytime they are offloading it. Gbaaaaah i landed inside the cell, i silently cursed the wicked officer who throw me inside. I was still cursing that i didn’t notice my new environment, but i regained my senses when when the smelling odour inside the cell welcomed me. Jezzzzzzz
It was as if the odour was from hell, Infact i can categorically say that i was in hell, the most scary things was that the cell was dark like hell apart from the light coming from outside through the door and a small window that my small head can’t even entered from the back side.

I was still scrutinizing my new environment ,and how i am going to survive the smelling odour that day when i heard a thick voice calling me from the darkness, so there is someone here? Well i was unable to notice that because of the blurry darkness inside, i was afraid immediately because I have heard how dangerous the cell was
After that i saw a tiny figure coming towards me from the darkness, the man was like a HIV patient when he comes to where i could see him very well ,the most scary things about the man was that he was tall, i mean so tall to The extent that i wondered how he was able to enter the cell, another one was that he has lost four of his teeth making him more scary like a demon,

” welcome young lad” he said laughing, jezzzz his laugh was even more dangerous than the witches infact he looks like devil himself.

I was timid at the sight of the stature before me as i was still praying that God should save me from the demon before when another broad voice thundered from the darkness

” bring him here” the scary guy before smile and whisper something i didn’t hear to me as he led me to the inner part of the cell .

Scary took me to the most scariest human being , i named the tiny tall man scary but the one i met inside was more scary. I could see him little clearly by the small window at the back he was like a Goliath side his chest was like that of hunk, his head was so big i later discovered that the Goliath man came to the cell the previous week and overpowered the four guys in the cell including scary but i didn’t meet the remaining three guys there because the have been transferred to prison.

Looking at me he smiled,
” you are welcome to my domain feels free nothing will harm you here” i was little relieved by what he said until i heard Gboooooooaaah , what Goliath slapped me with a serious face this time around . good God the slap was so hot and hard Infact if you were there you will see the mark of his hand on my cheek, my uncle own and that of my aunty was nothing compared to Goliath own, my thoughts at that moment waa that i should just die there and escape this suffering world.

” that is my welcome greeting ”
Goliath said moving more closer to me, the next thing he was that he spat on my face, “gracious God let me die ”

I muttered he gave me another deafening slap when i tried to wiped the phlegm from my face another two slaps landed on my face again which makes me to fall down, down on the ground i was given another slap by scary who asked me to stand up. I stood up immediately. He spat on my face again asking me to rub it well until it dry, scary did his own, i was in hell up till today i didn’t know how i survive that moment because the odour was something i can’t describe, later on i was given the hell beating of my life i was even screaming may be the officers outside Will come to my rescue but i was left with my fate between deadly scary and Goliath. I was asked to kneel down immediately after the beating, which i did when he announced the

” that is your welcome note prepare for the evening for your real welcoming service ”

” what real welcome what it is true i was born to suffer”

Story continues guess what is going to happen next?

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