Episode 26


Yes this is really the final saga, i have seen, heard,encountered so many things in life. Some are bad,ugly,frightened,likewise some are good,but above all i am still alive ,that is only happiness i had. An adage says if live is there is hope, that is my believe i have promised myself after i have eradicated the thought of committing suicide or running away that one day all my hard,ugly experience will become a story not only story but also a great testimony. I have be following and reading all the comments starting from day one of this story ,before i continue i will like to thank you all ,you guys give me joy and strength to be passionate and zealous about writing the story, although the updates is very slow ,i have to apologize for that ,i am sorry i am a student that is always busy also i told you guys about me writing exam,i am sorry ,but i will try my possible best to update fast in season 2 .

I told you guys earlier that this story is a true life story of a close associate of mine i only add little fictions to make it more interesting,because if i should be writing all of his ordeal, so many of you will found the story so tedious ,his ordeal is more than the one in this story but i have to cut it short,but all the way thank you all for reading and comments love you all, but remember the calamity,challenges you are facing now is not your end make it a stepping stone to your greatness – stephmide.2016.

Yes back to my story i told you in the last episode we had a visitor a strange one which i am allergic to ,also i told you about the suspicious closeness between my aunty and this strange visitor she called her cousin until that day that their hidden agenda got exposed.

Yes i came back home that day, i was so exhausted,i was about barging in when i remember what happened the last time i barged in without knocking so i tried to knock before entering .

But i have been standing outside knocking and at the same time shouting ,to my surprise the door was locked.

” where did she went to ?” i muttered to myself. But she is always at home except she visit that her witch friend called ene ,i don’t what to say how passionate i hate that woman . I shouted but no response so i decided to use the backyard door to my greatest surprise the door was unlocked

” armed robbers ?” that was the first thought that came into my mind, so i picked a hard stick from the backyard as i made my way to the house ,i silently opened the door looking like a prey avoiding its predator, i stretch my stick first into the house before i entered, i first of all checked the kitchen , no sign of anybody ,i checked the store where i am sleeping which is in opposite side ,no sign again,i proceed to the room i was sleeping before the strange visitor occupied it ,i silently opened it nobody was there, something is wrong,
” maybe they camped them in the sitting room”
I thought.

So i prepared myself very well for any attack as i hold tightly unto the stick i was holding . I made my way to my uncles room ,though the room was little far from the room i was sleeping before, but as i was getting closer to my uncle’s room i started hearing strange sound,

” maybe they camped them inside my uncle’s room” so i positioned myself very well, as i move closer, this time the sounds was getting clearer. But wait the sound i am hearing didn’t resemble the sounds of a person being camped by armed robbers ,i moved closer then i started hearing m0an!ng sounds
” yes faster oauch fu-Ckin hell oooooooarghhhh yesss” i recognised my aunty voice immediately ,many thoughts started throbbing into my heart

I silently prayed it Shouldn’t be what i am Thinking

” no it can’t be so in her matrimonial home not only that on her matrimonial bed impossible it is a taboo” i made my way to my uncle’s door. A voice was telling me not to opened the door another one was telling me to open it ,so finally after 30 seconds contemplation i forcefully opened the door hmmmmm
What i saw when i opened the door almost make me fainted, Jesus Christ of Nazarite my aunty unclad on the so called cousin of her. I closed the door immediately

What? I cant believe it my aunty having s-x with another man in her matrimonial home and bed

” i see i now understand their strategies ” so this is what my aunty want to achieve by making sure my uncle send me away so that she can finalise her devilish mission, infact i started suspecting that her daughter called iyenede not to be my uncle’s daughter.

I returned back home around 6pm i met my aunty in the sitting room i greeted her but she didn’t reply
” what is my business if she like she should reply or not”

Yes the time has finally come for this witch to leave my uncle house ,i head straight to the store where i was now sleeping to wait patiently for my brother,
Wait but i have no evidence beside this woman could act smarter than me , i was still thinking of the way to unveil the monster when i slept off.

” Where is the b—–d where is he ?’ it was my uncle thunderous voice that woke me up

” what is wrong?”

My uncle stormed in like a wounded lion, guess what happened next ,he started giving me the hell beating of my life , what have i done.

” i will kill you today”
The beating was so much that i began to shout though i tried to free myself from his grip but he was stronger than me ,the unexpected happened

As i was trying to freed myself from my uncles grip my uncle pushed me against the wall ,then i hit my head against the wall , ” gbaah” that was the sound i hear last before the blank out.

Thanks for reading and comments stephmide love u all

Watch out for THE CATECHIST season 2


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