Episode 14

My uncle suddenly show up in the afternoon that day which is very strange. I have just returned from hawking when my uncle barged in calling my name

” oh God hope i have done nothing wrong this time around ” i silently prayed before heading to the sitting room where i met the couple

” now go inside and change we are going somewhere? ”

” God what have i done this people really want to throw me out” i thought

” sir? ” i said as if i didn’t hear what he said

” are you deaf go inside and change idiot” it was my aunty who bark at me this time around. I quickly ran inside to change to my fade black trousers and blue shirt. Well i didn’t tell you guys that my aunty burnt all my good clothes after the incident leaving me with bad faded ones.

I showed up two minutes after in which my aunty still insulted me

” so what are you doing inside that takes you that long ”

” i am sorry ma”

” sorry for yourself idiot just follow him ” she barked at me sending fears to my spine

” dear i will be back soon ” my uncle said before we vacate the house to an unknown place

After about thirty minutes endless journey we stopped in front of a shop where they were selling clothes,

” what are we doing here ” i asked no one in particular . We entered in to the shop my uncle asked the woman in charge to get 3 trousers and shirt of my size which really surprised me

” my uncle buying clothes for me , definitely God is awesome ” after i have wore the clothes which is really my size my uncle asked the woman to packed it for me before we eventually head home ,my uncle dropped me outside before heading back to his office.

Nothing happened after that until the evening after dinner when my uncle called me into the sitting room , i quickly left the book i was reading to attend to him to avoid unnecessary insults , well i never tell you guys that i always read my books every night before going to bed. My aunty burnt some of my books when she burnt my clothes but i hide some from her in which i do read when i locked my door or when everybody have slept.

” sir you called me? ”
” yes i want to inform you that mamma Timo( Timothy ) will be visiting tomorrow ,so you will not be hawking tomorrow till she leaves next tomorrow, so behave yourself, and more so the trousers and the shirt i bought for you, you are to wear it tomorrow and next tomorrow you hear me, if you mess up just believe you are going back to the village ” i nodded signaling that i hear him

” now go inside and rearrange your room ”

I quickly dashed inside without saying anything. Well i really want to go back to the village, but i remembered my mother words who asked me to endure not only that i would not want to go back to the village because of Ella.

By 12pm in the next day mummy timo arrived our house i was even inside my room when my aunty called me that she’s around . I rushed straight in my new clothes to greet mummy timo, she was happy to see me after so many months

” Ekundayo mi how are you i have missed you ” she said while my aunty was faking a smile where she sat.

” mummy what would i offered you softdrinks or water? ”

” softdrinks ke? Water will do”
” dayo carry mummy bag inside ” i immediately carried her bag inside but i eavesdrop what they were saying. My aunty served her water

” why is dayo do pale like that ”

” pale like how ma? ” i guess my aunty was not expecting that

” i mean he look sick and not only that he have a scar on his left hand ” my aunty smiles

” mummy does he look like someone who is seek, actually he fell at the door step when he was playing with his sister ,so he had a little cut ,we took him to hospital after that as you can see the scar has dried”

” yes and where is my daughter what is even her name? ”

” iyenede ma she is still in the school? ”

” i will preferred iye and why is dayo not in school too? ”

I can see my aunty was not comfortable with all the questions she Was being asked but she managed a fake smile as she lied and put everything under her control

” yes they are not having paper today that is why you see him at home , or you have forgotten he is writing his waec ” i was seriously cursing her where i hide how could she lied so much like that, well for some reasons i have to behave myself. I pity mummy timo who quickly bought her lie.

” God bless you my wife for taking care of dayo, you will reap the fruit of your labour and you will enjoy your husband house very well ” i was bittered as mummy timo prayed for her as she takes an excuse to start preparing dinner . I was still hiding under the curtain when my aunty jumped on me, she noticed immediately that i was eavesdropping what they were saying, so she screwed my ear as she led me to the kitchen

” whatever you hear you must act to it, or else count yourself a dead rat ” she said as she stormed out . This woman is really a devil himself.

Everything went as they planned without mummy timo suspecting anything instead she was praying for them which really embittered me, well i have to act along if i don’t want to be dead.

On the day mummy timo was leaving she mistakenly gave me money infront of my uncle and his wife. I knew for sure the money will be collected from me later but i act fast as i kept little out of it.

” are you sure this is everything? ” my aunty asked looking sternly

” yes ma ” i replied which didn’t sound convincing to her

” you better confess now and if i check your room and found money you are dead ” my conscience betrayed me i didn’t know when i confessed that i hide little out of it. My aunty was mad at me , she gave me a serious beating, after collecting the money

” i know you will be a notorious thief in your life because you are born a thief i have to start locking my door as from today ”

My uncle didn’t even helped the situation he supported his wife instead.

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