Episode 12

The relationship between i and Ella keep growing everyday, we were greatly found of each other, some people would even think we were twins, only few that know us not to relate call us husband and wife.
I and Ella keep meeting at our joint every morning before we go hawking, the most surprising thing was that there is not a single day i won’t sell all the bottles finished. Not only that everyday after hawking i will branch at Ella house to rest before heading back home. But not until I eat my lunch there.

Ella mum Was very caring especially when she learnt that I am an orphan. She sees me as her son ,sometimes she will even joked calling me her in-law.

Ella and her mom were God sent angel to me, i truly believe that my parents were not asleep in heaven.

My aunty was more hostile to me as usual, she hates everything i does, if i sweep she will asked me to sweep it again. If wash plate she will complained that the plate is not yet clean. Even if i sold all the soft drinks finished she will never appreciate, well I am saving for my school.

But it was already after a month they promised me that i will returned back to school but yet i have not ear anything from my uncle nor his wife. I guess they were still gathering money for me, but sometimes I doubt them, how can my uncle be working in a company and cannot afford my school fees,

” is school fees in Lagos that much ”
Even if it is big i believed my uncle can afford it, but i seriously sensed his wife was the one hindering him.

I remembered one morning i confronted my uncle about my school, he was so annoyed that he almost teared me apart, i quickly apologize that i just want to remember him

” you are stupid for that, is that how you talk to your father idiot. Let today be the last time you will address me in such manner , school ko school ni” he said in Yoruba before storming out.

I was devastated that morning , but what is wrong in asking my uncle about my school arrangement. The last straw that break the Carmel back was in the afternoon that day , i was around i didn’t go hawking because my aunty was little weak.

I was sent an errand to buy vegetables in the market, only to come back and meet one woman in her late thirties, without anybody telling me she is definitely my aunty friend. I greeted them as i entered the house , the woman replied me absentmindedly before I head straight to the kitchen to dropped the vegetables.

” so my friend you don’t tell me you now have a house boy ”

” house boy ke? or are you referring to that idiot ”

” he is the son of that same man ”

” which man?”

β€œmy husband brother now, the man that didn’t want me to marry jimi” i heard my aunty saying as i hide under the curtain eavesdropping them.

” oooh you mean that crazy man that God will punished man ”

” God has already punished him for me, i am sorry i didn’t tell you that he is now late together with his reckless wife ”

” their souls will not rest in peace, they didn’t want you to marry jimi whom you have suffered with ”

I was crazy where i was standing ,anger was written all over my face i just felt like killing two of them in the sitting room, but i heard a tiny voice like my Mom telling me to calmed down

” control your anger my son ” i heard the voice saying.

” But why did you allowed the boy to come here in the first place ”

” it was my husband who went against my wish to his stupid mother burial, it was there the family asked him to bring the idiot with him to be leaving with us here ”

” but you should have sent him packing ”

” i am still working on that friend it is just a little time ”

” what about Frank ” ” he is fine ” what i heard from them after was their wicked laughter, and i also heard them calling someone fool but i am not sure of the person.

It was after this the unexpected happen ,my aunty called me

” you want him to poison me ”

” no he can’t it is inside the fridge ”
My aunty asked me to get a bottle of fanta and a cup for her friend. I heard straight to the dinning where the fridge was, i noticed the so called friend of my aunty was looking at me with hatred,
Yes the unexpected happen ,i was coming from the dinning when i step on the banana peel my aunty was eating when she sent me to an errand making me to slide on the floor. I didn’t know how it happened but i just saw myself falling down in the sitting room breaking both the bottle and the cup.

What i heard next was gboooooooaaah my aunty gave a thunderous slap, her friend even added her own. I was on the floor groaning in pain because i sustained a little cut through the shattered piece of the broken bottle.

” you are indeed a B—–d how dare you break my bottle do you know how much it cost” my aunty was shouting on top of her voice, her friend was Not even helping the matter

” Florence you have to get rid of this boy before he get rid of you”

I was given horrible beating of my life.

My uncle came back in the evening to add his own beating, they didn’t even care about the cut on my hand what they were insinuating was the bottle i broken
” i can now see you are a b—–d, you are really useless i will return to you back to suffered very well in the village, idiot he is even talking about school ” my uncle thundered

” you mean he talked about going back to school? ”

” yes can you imagine he confronted me”

” sweetheart this boy is dead you are going to nowhere ,school should go to hell” my aunty said as she stormed into the room

” can you see what your idiot have caused ,my wife is angry you know what ? ”

My uncle said as he come. Closer to me with a fierce look

” forget about school ”

My uncle said before heading to the room.
Hmmmmmm my trouble just started

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