Episode 8

The first three days of my hawking was miserable and disgusting, i hardly sold above five bottles and during these three days there is nothing that will spared me from a hot round of insult from my aunty.
Well i must tell you this that my aunty was once working in a biscuit factory but she was linked to mismanagement of fund by some members so she was sacked From there. Ever since then she has become a full house wife. making my uncle to be the only person providing for the family.

Something terrible on the second day of my hawking, A bus coming from my back almost knocked me down, but i narrowly escaped but two bottles of coca-cola broke along the process. the driver of the bus didn’t even favoured the situation, he just zoomed away cursing me.

” you want to die,go and die in your poor father house idiot” i heard the driver saying this. Well such is Lagos someone has just to be meticulous. I felt like crying that moment but i had to cheer myself up in as much i will have enough time to cry at home.

The house was hell that evening when I arrived home, the house could no longer contained me and my aunty, so I have to run out of the house and wait for my uncle to come back.

My uncle was also angry with me when he came back. Truth be told I saw his red eye that day.

” don’t you know the cost of that two bottles you break ” i could not utter any word but I was wondering if this people value bottles more than my life, i even sustained some injury but they didn’t care.

After about thirty minutes of hot insults, My uncle warned me that, it should be the last time such will happen. This did not augur well with my aunty as i heard her from their bedroom swearing that i will pay for the broken bottles. I was denied my dinner that night, and i was seriously hungry .

I sneaked into the store after everybody has slept to get some garri because the worms inside me were waging world war three against me .

The third day too was worrisome because i could not sell more than five bottles again. The sun that day was so hot that the cold soft drinks became hot soft drinks. After hawking about five hours i decided to rest under one empty market stall, there were some fierce looking guys opposite the road i guess they were bus conductor.

I was at this place when the unexpected happened.

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