Episode 10

I woke up early to do the house choruses, i was in happy mood that morning, even my uncle and his wife noticed it, they were wondering why i am that happy that morning to be able to finished all the house choruses before 6
” Ekundayo hope you are okay ?” my uncle asked

” i am okay sir i am just happy” i replied sharply

The couple were just looking at me in surprise that morning , Well they will not know why,.

My mind was nothing else that morning but just to meet Ella
” i will surprise my uncle and his wife today that I am not a good for nothing boy as they were calling me ” i concluded within myself.

My aunty did her worst that morning by serving me a small plate of rice for breakfast, instead of getting angry i thank her for the food, with this she was totally surprised.

I quickly finished the breakfast and carry the bucket without saying bye to my aunty as i made my way to junction Ella asked Me to meet her.

As i scuttled down the street i noticed that the sun was brighter unlike any other day, the air that was blowing that morning was cool and fresh that looks unusual especially in Lagos that is jammed-packed by thousands of people.

I made up my mind not to branch at any place even if they called me my mind was where ella is taking me to.

By 9am i was at the same point where I was robbed yesterday this time around i was very careful not to even sit down as i wait for Ella.

I was at the point for One hour waiting for Ella but alas she is yet to arrive. I made up my mind to wait for another 10 minutes, but yet there was no sight of ella. I was crazy with myself by this time, assuming i know she won’t come i would have followed my normal routine not only that i would have sell up to two bottles now.

I was cursing myself and at the same time cursing ella for deceiving and wasting my time.

” but wait why am i cursing her she helped me yesterday, moreover she will loose her bottles ”

I was about leaving the point when i sight Ella afar with her bucket on her head
” hey dayo good morning ” she greeted but I didn’t reply she noticed i was angry but quickly apologize for not adhering to her promise.

” i am sorry it was my mom who sent me an errand ”

” okay shall will start going” i asked absentmindedly

” i can see you are still angry with me i said i am sorry ”

” i have heard you lets go this is 10:40 i have not sell anything ”

” Alright let go”
She said as i followed her majestically at the back like a king.

” but i hardly know this girl i am following ,hope she is not a ritualist?”

” no she is too young for that even her face look so innocent ”

.Ella noticed the look on my face and smile .with this i was more worried

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