Episode 1

Dave just got back from the farm, tired and hungry. He had finished harvesting all the yams on his late father’s farm and gone to the neighbouring village to sell them. All he was thinking about was cooking, eating and going to sleep. He quickly went into the kitchen and found some garri in his cupboard which he used in making eba and then warmed the soup. After eating he was about to sleep when he heard a knock.

Yes,who’s that? Come in!, he answered.

Oga dave afa now?

Eeh philip, i’m cool oo. he answered.
How come i did not see you again in the market? I thought i told you to wait for me now? Philip asked.

I’m sorry oo, i was just tired and hungry that’s why i left. he answered.
U b glutton na.

U no well
they joked. Philip has been his friend and brother for a very longtime now. When his parents died philip was the only one that stood by him.

Well that’s not why i came here. Have you heard that our king is sick and that no herbs has been able to cure him? Philip asked.
I heard sha, but how does that one concern me? Dave replied

u be fool na, u nor even know say another news join am.

Ehen, wetin come b dat one?

The chief priest has said that only the owan leaf, which can be found in the evil forest can cure the king. So far nobody has been willing to go to the forest and fetch the herb. Phil said
hmmm……..i think i’m going to volunteer, i have to help the king in whatever way i can. Dave replied.

Are u mad? Abii ur head don da touch?. U hear where i take say d herb dey? Phil asked.
Phil calm down, abii u want make our king die?. Dave replied.

No wahala, but just know that i warned u ooo.
Nothing will happen, i have faith. Tommorrow i’ll set out in search of the leaf. Dave replied.
Ok o. U knw wat? just give me your pot of egusi soup just in case you don’t come back. Phil said. They both laughed…

The next morning dave set out for the evil forest and that’s where it all started.

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