Episode 4

‘Mrs Ifeoma, I was angry with you, but this Christmas gift from you has saved you!’ Kaffy said, not bothering to ask the source, she went on to gist with her friend over the phone.

The weekend before the week of Christmas.
“Kaffy babe, please if my husband calls you, tell him that you begged me to spend the Christmas in your place, thanks.”

Kaffy’s heart beat increased, Mrs Ifeoma was one of the few ‘good’ women she had met apart from the principal of the fashion school, where she worked.

“Babe, where you dey, who you dey with?” Kaffy replied with a text message.

The next message, indirectly answered one of Kaffy’s questions.

“Please babe, if my madam calls you, tell her the same thing and please send me your account details, I want to send you some money, of course your share dey inside.”
Kaffy steeled her mind and went on to have a good Christmas celebration.

The alert Kaffy received answered the rest of her questions.

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