Episode 19

“My son, what you have done is wrong! You have a wife and kids waiting for you in the US,” Chief Eze chastised his eldest son, Ifeanyi, “but papa, do you see what that woman is carrying mehn,” his son replied “that’s some big booty shiii..”
“Is that what you consider big? What will you then say about the chorister, I showed you during Mass?” Chief Eze countered.
“Papa, please I need you alive and living long, I won’t go near such a mountain! But Kafayat is okay, you can manage her, her booty game is sweet!” his son replied trying to get his dad, to unwittingly be his fall guy, if the guard’s bootylicious wife, got pregnant.
Chief Eze didn’t take the bait, and when Kafayat began exhibiting signs of pregnancy, she regretted boasting to her husband that her mystery lover was taking her with him to the US.

When the bitter husband put one and one together, he realised the only man who lived in the US, was Chief Eze’s son, Ifeanyi. But before he could exact his vengeance, he was found floating in the stream – he had mysteriously drowned.

After giving the voluptuous woman before him, instructions on which position to take, Chief Eze was finally ready for some doggy-style.

Ifeoma didn’t know when she genuinely m0aned in delightful passion. Her penetrator’s balls smashed against her cl*t, his waist slamming against her big, bare cold bum, his manhood sliding upwards and against a dripping honeypot.

Suddenly, the door came crashing down!
“Chineke meh o!” the voice shouted.
“Johnbull, why did you do that to my door?!” Chief Eze looked up, shouting at one of his many thugs, “I can explain…” Ifeoma shouted looking up, still on her knees and hands, her honeypot still griping the Manhood buried deep in it.

A cold chill came upon the Chief.
His c-m shot from his Manhood, and splattered against the wall of Ifeoma’s honeypot. “Brother, please don’t be angry, I didn’t know she was your wife!.” Chief Eze begged, as he pulled out of Ifeoma.
“I wish she was my wife! But no, she is my Uncle’s wife,” Johnbull smiled, “that doesn’t mean I haven’t always wanted to sleep with her, she needs a man with a real Manhood.” He says, pulling out a monstrosity from his shorts.
Ifeoma gasps for air.

“Oh I see, well let me not stop you, I will be in the bathroom, washing up.” Chief Eze says, glad that he was not in deep poo.
The sounds of groaning and m0an!ng were so intense, Chief Eze had to plead with Johnbull to take it easy with his Uncle’s wife…only to be told off.

The elderly man watched, as the younger man began with missionary, then doggy then got Ifeoma to come on top of him and to add insult to injury – he had not shot his load.
Chief Eze envied the young man’s strength.
Ifeoma looked at the two men, with such hatred in her eyes, and as she bent to pick up her clothes, Johnbull held her waist and fixed his still erect Manhood into her honeypot and gave it two pumps and his c-m came shooting out of his Manhood, only then they his Manhood become soft.

Ifeoma wiped the tears from her eyes.
“What about the money?” Ifeoma asked Chief Eze, “what money?!” he replied coldly, Ifeoma sniffed. “Okay, what about my husband’s job?” Ifeoma asked, “Sure, he can resume tomorrow but be sure to let him know how he got the job, please get out of here!” Chief Eze said, cruelly dispatching the woman, he had been so much in lust with, some hours ago.

Johnbull greeted his estranged Uncle from a distance, from his beetle car, as Ifeoma came down, before zooming off.

Andy chastise Ifeoma for accepting a ride, from his nephew who is a notorious thug. Ifeoma lies to Andy, telling him, how he saved her from being gang-raped, feeling bad, he apologises to her and they make love.
As Andy slams repeatedly into his wife, she lies as still as a log, Johnbull has made Andy’s Manhood mediocre.

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