Episode 12

A time to unwind and rest.
Mrs. Iyabo came running down the stairs, tying her wrapper around her night-gown “oh this people have started again!” she said to herself as she opened the back-door.

The man was rough-handling a woman in front of the Boys Quarters. “Useless man, you will kill me here today!” the short woman shouted, “I am not going to kill you, even if death is what you are looking for, just clear out of my way before…” he replied before being interrupted by Mrs. Iyabo, she was still talking, when suddenly, Solomon charged at Kafayat to the elderly woman’s shock.

As the tussle continued, a familiar voice was heard at the background, Mrs. Iyabo suddenly turned to see her husband in his PJ’s looking on as the couple engaged in a mini-bout. All attempts to verbally get the warring parties to stop failed, being a black-belt holder in Judo, Mrs. Iyabo’s husband, Chief Benson went in to execute a disarming move – just then Solomon let go of his wife, and she came crashing into the man behind her, he fell and she fell on him.

“Get off of me!” Chief Benson shouted with anger in his voice, echoed in the compound, Mrs. Kafayat tried to get up, her plump butt0ckz only succeeding in rubbing the male organ of the man on the floor. She only managed to get up when her husband pulled her up with both hands.

The look on the Chief’s face said it all, as he stormed off into the main house, his wife looked at the now somewhat calm couple, and shook her head furiously “Kaffy, come you are staying in the house, before I hear another round of shouting and fighting, you Solomon, go in the BQ, think about what you have done and have a good night’s rest.” Mrs. Iyabo said sarcastically as she took the man’s wife into the house.

Some minutes later.

“It’s okay, but I would like to have a word with the two of them – I always thought Solomon stayed alone, when did his wife join him?” Chief Benson asked, “Why are you asking, anyway, his wife joined him just last weekend – I informed you via whatsapp.” His wife replied “Okay.” Chief Benson replied, “Okay.” Mrs. Iyabo Benson replied too, implying her displeasure with the question that seemed to indicate her husband’s interest in her driver’s wife.
The snoring played the role of an alarm. His wife was a deep snoring woman. Chief Benson woke up and sat at the edge of his bed, and was reminiscing, “if only NEPA took light.” He thought to himself “I would have held her waist as she was on top of me, but man, it’s not as if her bum is bigger than my wife’s, it’s just plump and well-shaped.” as he gently massaged his manhood, he looked again at his wife, she was fast-asleep.
A figure approached the mini-parlor, on its left-hand a body-cream and on the right, an IPad, it gently opened the door to the mini-parlor and proceeded to close it and seat on a couch, before turning on the IPad with a button, after it loaded, it displayed a picture of a voluptuous woman.

As the light shown on her face, the person lying on the carpet reacted like an earthworm to a salt, the person turned to face the source of the light.

“Oh sorry.” Chief Benson said, as he deftly hid the body-cream.
Sensing an opportunity to plead on behalf of herself and her husband – Kafayat went on her knees and pleaded for forgiveness.

The man simply nodded his head and asked her to come closer, which she did and as soon as she was close, he held her right hand and brought it to touch his erect manhood “rub it gently.” He said, “No sir, I can’t do that.” She replied, removing her hand.

“See as how your man is treating you, I will take care of you, you just take good care of me.” He said reaching out for her breasts, she thought for a moment.

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