Episode 16

The woman looked on in high expectation. The man cleared his throat and looked around, and calmly walked up to her and whispered “I will sign it, but first come lets go to my room.”; he was turning to head back to his seat when she sighed, nodded her head and got up, and moved towards the stairs.

Professor Jega stood shocked and conflicted.
He was willing to give her the cheque even if she said no, but here she was walking upstairs to the Masters Bedroom. He quickly followed behind her, watching lustfully at her thick butt0ckz as they gyrated as she walked towards the stairs.

While the thick woman undressed, the randy man couldn’t get his hands off of her, he kissed her lips, fondled her breasts and then pressed them against each other, then grabbed her bare bum till her entire body pressed up against his, her breasts resting on his hairy chest.

His erect Male Organ pressed up and against her stomach.

While seated on the bed, Sharon got on her knees and before long, his Male Organ disappeared in her mouth as she hardened it with great suction pressure, slippery saliva, he rubbed her hair accordingly as he enjoyed d movement of her tongue around his thick object.

Next he la!d her on the bed, lifting her thick thighs ready for penetration, he climbs in-between and fixes his erect Male Organ at the entrance of her puzi, and she m0ans at the point of contact, he pushes his cvck into the opening.

Deep audible breathes follow with each t—-t.
Though she pleaded with him not to c-m, the Professor reneges and at the height of his selfish pleasure, he releases his semen deep in her puzi.

Sharon said something in her native dialect, to which the Professor replied accordingly.
He pulled out of her and la!d next to her, while she la!d there she would drop another surprise “You can fvck Prof.” she says, “Hmmm thank you, you are sweet and tight.” The man replies again surprised at the turn of the events.

Her statement seemed to be an aphrodisiac because his Male Organ became hard again “I want to show you this style these young people are doing nowadays, it’s very nice with a woman with your big ASSets.”
The woman went mad with pleasure “Oh Prof. pound me harder.” As she grabbed the pillow and slammed her derriere against his body, as he slammed his body against hers. He held her waist, as he ejaculated yet again. He pulled out again, and collapsed next to the naked woman.

Now the lines were blurred – was she sleeping with her boss to get his financial assistance with the medical bills, or was she doing it for the pleasure. Sharon stroked the man’s hairy chest as the rotating fan cooled them via the sweat on their bodies.

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