Episode 14

Chief Noble was a noble man.
60 years old.
30 years of marriage.
Straight as an arrow.

It was not like temptations never came up, but he handled them accordingly.
And so for 30 years, he could beat his chest in boast of his steadfastness.
All was well in his world except for the letter he was reading.

His wife’s nephew had not returned from sea, the worried woman basically said.
She was not literate and someone would have helped her write the letter.

Was the person curious, but then Chief Noble recalled that the woman had had a daughter who was literate.
“Why did you have to fetch water with a bucket, didn’t you know there was a shower!” Chief Noble thought as he wiped the sweat off his face.

He continued “you stood there, watching me as I turned the shower knob, still wearing your wrapper.”, now his heartbeat was audible.

“I was counting on you to say No, but I never knew your eyes were on my wealth, as my eyes were on your…” the Chief continued as he got himself a seat to
sit on.

“It was sweet, you apart from my wife were the only women I have slept with.”
“I won’t lie, I enjoyed every part of your body, especially your big butt0ckz – I should have pulled out but your assured me, your husband
could barely keep his hands to himself in the bedroom and so I released my semen in you.”

“You almost gave our little secret away, with your foolish behaviour and yes I was angry with you many times, but when we did it, sometimes
in the kitchen store while people slept, or at the back seat whenever I dropped you off at the market or in Chida Hotel whenever I travelled to Lagos
for a business meeting.”

“I was confident our secret would be hidden, but now, your husband is still at sea and your one month gone.”
His wife heard her husband fall to the ground, from the main parlour and rushed in to check up on him.

He was rushed to the hospital where he died of heart attack.

His wife read the letter.
Till today, everyone blames her nephew and he felt guilty, perhaps if he had not spent so much time at sea, his beloved Aunt’s Husband won’t have died.
In honour of him, he named his new baby boy, Noble.

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