Episode 6

Eight months later, as she nears labour, she is not sure who is the father of her child.
She recalls the lie that started it all, as she mixes the rat poison in her pap.
“I am going for choir practise, I will be back later this evening as soon as I am doing.”
A Short Poem.
Rita loved her husband dearly…
So she said no to his boss, Chief Badmus, daily…

One day her husband feel ill, deadly…
So Rita took over his job, daily…
Chief Badmus gave Rita breathing space, rarely…
Now a party was held for staff at the Badmus mansion, annually…
As Rita husband had just recovered, barely…
Rita represented him, sadly…

Chief Badmus felt tired and went to his room to rest, briefly…

Only to see Rita in the room, stealing, how she got there, she did so, quietly…
Her bag full of stolen jewelry, Rita looked at Chief Badmus, her heart pounding, heavily…
Chief Badmus let Rita go, quietly…
Rita made her escape, quickly…
You see as Rita made her escape she smiled, her husbands hospital bills with the stolen valuables, would be settled, quickly…
But unknown to Rita, she was also carrying Chief Badmus’s seed in her womb, unfortunately…
The vehicle moved slowly manoeuvring the heavy rain.
Ekemini kept looking at her wristwatch.
‘Sorry dear, better to drive carefully.’ Chief Roberts said, taking a peek at the breasts of the woman seated next to him.
Intentionally driving over pot-holes, the Chief looked in lust as Ekemini’s breasts bounced furiously.

‘Sorry, sir, mbok no vex.’ Ekemini said, ‘but you sabi Mrs. Ifeoma?’
‘That woman!’ Chief Robert’s said feigning anger, ‘please keep away from her, I welcomed her into my home, gave her everything she wanted, only for her to rob me and my wife.’ The elderly man said, sighing.
Ekemini apologised ‘Sorry sir, for bringing it up, its just that I overheard her and my friend Kaffy, discussing you while going through a magazine.
‘Its okay.’ Chief Robert said, his eyes locking onto Ekemini’s eyes, as he licked his lips.
‘Are you married?’ he asked her, ‘Sir…’ Ekemini was about to respond when he interrupted her, ‘never mind, I like you, I can give you whatever you want, it will be out secret.’ The Chief said.
‘Sir, even if I am not married, what about your wife?’ Ekemini asked, folding her arms, making her breasts look even more bigger.
‘my dear, you are ten times more endowed than my wife, abeg, don’t worry about her! Worry about making me happy.’ The chief replied, Ekemini smiled.
‘Why don’t we park here, till the rain goes down.’, Ekemini nodded in agreement. Numbers were exchanged. While Ekemini admired the interior of the jeep, Chief Roberts removed his manhood from his agbada.
Ekemini turned and saw the erect male organ.
Chief Robert handed her 50,000 Naira and closed his eyes.

Ekemini put the money in her handbag.
She bent over to the driver side, and within minutes, the erect male organ had disappeared in her mouth. Wrapping the organ in her wet mouth, she s—-d it and with her thick tongue she licked its body, before focusing all her oral pressure on its head.
Chief Robert rubbed his hand over her short hair, as he felt his c-m, shoot out of the head of his male organ and down the throat of the voluptuous woman.
Ekemini dried the wet male organ, and wiped her mouth, swallowing the rest of his thick creamy liquid.

The rain eased up for a moment, and the road was visible again.
‘What’s that?’ Ekemini said, Chief Robert stretched to see, he too was confused.
Was the woman dashing away from the security post, or the man running towards the security post; Chief Robert and Ekemini had a mini-debate, the former was of the opinion that it made no sense for the woman to be running away from the security post and into the rain, the latter, was of the opinion that the man was running into the security post – but they both agreed that the man was too hefty to be a gate-man.

‘This one you are attending Fashion School, would we be able to…’ Chief Robert asked as Ekemini prepared to disembark, ‘What Fashion School, Chief, whenever you need to relieve your stress, just let me know, its just to settle the husband of the owner, he is more kinder than the owner.’ Ekemini reassures her new-found lover, they exchange a kiss and she heads into the compound, with the bags she had with her.
Two hours earlier.
‘Mama Sharon, please can you come to the main house, my wife sent some materials and she asked you to come and select them.’ The man said over the intercom.
‘I am not coming Sir, I will come when my son comes back from the market.’ Sharon answered stammering. ‘Its about to rain, why don’t you come here quickly and pick these materials.’ The man insisted, as he popped the Viagra pills into his mouth and drank the bottled water.
The man kept on trying to get Sharon to come into the main house, to pick a selection of Ankara materials, which la!d on the bed of the master bedroom but to no avail.
‘Sir, I have to go now, I want to take my bath.’ Sharon said, dropping the call.
Just then the lights went off, and the heavy rain began to fall.

‘Favours the bold.’ The man said readjusting his unnatural erection, a singlet, a boxer, wrapped around by a wrapper would suffice underneath cold downpour. He stood by the parlour door, the rain was very heavy, visibility was poor, but who was that running under the rain…

Sharon was mid-way into her bath, when she heard the sounds of the heavy rainfall ‘Oh my clothes!’ she exclaimed, wiping the soap from her body and carrying a wrapper, she made a dash out of the security post and into the rain.

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