Episode 17

A thought crossed his mind, he had heard the rumors, what better time to ask the question.
“Did you fvck him?” the man asks, “fvck who?” she replied; “Never mind.” He says as he cuddles her, she replies “my husband’s cousin?”; as their eyes lock.
“Why do you want to know? Yes, sometimes.” Sharon replied “See what I am carrying now – if he didn’t go and become a drunkard, all because, anyway he messed up. You, you were there rubbing your cvck, we would have been fvcking since but like you were okay with rubbing your cvck.”
“No.” the man replied blushing.
They both went to wash-up and while in the shower…

They rub soap on each other’s bodies, he massages her breasts while she massages his cvck.
“Women are full of secrets!” Prof. Jega thinks to himself.
“When Chief Noble, my husband’s uncle is in the village for Council Meetings, he sends for me to hang out with him, and from there…” Sharon says, to the Professors surprise.

Sharon continues: “What! Is a normal thing, is it this farming, fishing that the women in this village are using to sustain themselves and their family, abeg.”
“Unbelievable!” he replies as he dries his body with a towel, he looks at the desk in the room and recalls how he had Mama Rita, his gateman’s big butt0ckz wife on it – poor woman held onto its edges for dear life.
“Na so we see am.” Sharon replies as she seats waiting for the cheque, instead she gets two. One for her husband, one for herself.
Sharon walks briskly to the bank to cash her cheque, briefly distracted, she bumps into a man in the banking hall “Sorry Sir.”, the man replies her as she walks into the bank, he turns and looks lustfully at her butt0ckz.
“My goodness, see butt0ckz, this one is bigger than Kafayat’s.” Chief Benson says as he finds himself returning back into the Bank’s hall. Sharon sees the man approaching her, “did I not apologize to this man…”

The man hands her a business card before his phone vibrates.
‘Chairman, don’t keep us waiting or do you want your wife to see the naughty things you and my wife, were doing?’
Sharon collects the card and puts it in her purse as she moves forward on the line, the man hastily leaves the premises.
“I haven’t finished settling Kafayat’s matter, I want to start another one, but d–n that ass is big and it’s making me hard – hope she calls.” Chief Benson thinks to himself as he enters the waiting jeep, headed for the rendezvous.

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