Episode 8

Then my superior called, I didn’t pick.

I pushed my manhood in, and she m0aned.
Five minutes later, I was completely in and making love to Kafayat.

As soon as I was satisfied that she was completely opened, I pulled out and went for the doggy – I didn’t come here to waste time on missionary positions.

Compared to her, I was a giant, her butt0ckz bounced off of me, like a pair of basketballs.

This was not p–n.

Thirty minutes later, I grabbed her and with a great t—-t, I went deeper, she screamed ‘my womb’.
I came in Kafayat, and we both collapsed in each other’s arms.

We washed up, and I returned to the office.
On my way home, I branched the pharmacist for the postinor, which I bought, in addition to erection drugs – one round of sex, was not enough.

Thanks to the pills, the evening session was much more intense.

Her honeypot shook as she was riding me.
Somehow, I still had more oats in my balls.
I uploaded even as Kafayat rode me, like a mad woman.

I gave her money for the bus tickets, after we had washed up and I wished her a safe journey.

One month later.
I was doing some ‘clothing audit’, where I replace my old clothes with new ones.
I put my hand in a suit of mine, I felt a packet.
I pulled it out.

I wonder how my face looked that day.
The postinor was still intact in the packet.
Kafayat would return the following week.
And for some reason, she kept on asking my daughter, Michelle, if I was around.

My daughter told me that her phone had been stolen, and she was hoping to get the contacts of her laundry business, back.
So I gave my daughter permission, to give Kafayat my number.

The first message I got on my WhatsApp from her, was a mix.
‘I am pregnant !. You are wicked man.’
I had a mix of emotions.
Worry and Pleasure.
‘No don’t stop.’ I said, as the banana & groundnut seller continued working her magic on my hard manhood, with her wet mouth and thick tongue while at the back of my now tinted Prado Jeep.

I hugged my childhood friend so tightly, it had been over 30 years since we last saw.
An hour at most, was used in updating ourselves, about the happenings in our lives.
Chidi asked: ‘How many wives and kids, and grandkids do you have? As a Chief, you should marry one more wife, at least make it two wives!’ Chidi said.
‘I have just one loving and devoted wife, of many years, abeg the headache of one is more than enough.’ I replied, it seemed to surprise Chidi.

I laughed to ease up the tension, and then asked: ‘So how many do you have?’; ‘well I had just one, but thanks to your financial assistance and with my business picking up, I was able to add one more.’ Chidi replied, I felt disgusted, I was going to chastise him for bringing in another woman, and abandoning the wife of his youth, when the “another woman” came into the parlour.
Apologising for coming late, to Chidi her husband, she turned to me and greeted me.
‘Chief Roberts, this is my new wife, Ifeoma.’ Chidi said, introducing me to the voluptuous woman standing before us.
I couldn’t think straight, my heart pounded, sweat dropped like a trickle on my brow – she was not really that beautiful, but what she lacked in beauty, she made up in the most sexually desirable body I have ever seen.
Her butt0ckz were big, her thighs thick, her skin dark in complexion, she was tall for a lady being a bit taller than me.
‘Please have a seat, Ifeoma.’ I said, pointing to a chair next to her husband.
I watched as the chair’s cushion went down, completely.

The conversation continued.
‘When should I expect the loan to be repaid?’ I asked, Chidi was obviously uncomfortable, and signed that I should not discuss such a matter before his new bride.
I pressed on.

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