Episode 3

‘Madam, abeg carry this your big nyash comot for road.’ Kaffy said to Ifeoma, the latter pushed her petite friend with her much bigger butt0ckz.
‘Please you people should not fight oh’ the other friend said, concerned that the taller and shorter, I mean, petite woman were going to fight.

Kaffy and Ifeoma answered in unison, ‘Ekemini, the peace-maker, who said we are fighting?’, ‘Sorry oh.’ Ekemini replied, as she sewed the clothes on the machine.

‘Frank rider…’ Kaffy says underneath her breath.
‘Mummy Nelson…’ Ekemini replies.
Kaffy is about to charge towards Ekemini, when Ifeoma holds her hand, Ekemini smiles, as she knows without looking that Kaffy was coming her way.

The voluptuous women made their way from the sewing section of the ‘Fashion centre for homeless women’ to the reception. An elderly man walked past the ladies, Kaffy greeted him, he stopped and greeted the women, Ifeoma greeted him also ‘Kaffy, is she a new in-take?’ the man asked, his eyes filled with expectation.

Kaffy was not pleased. ‘No, she is not.’ Her tone betraying her disregard for the man. Ifeoma was intrigued ‘who be that?’, ‘his wife owns this place, he assists her, she’s not been feeling well.’ Kaffy replied. Ifeoma knew from her tone, the discussion was irritating her, she changed topic.

‘Kaffy, I am broke, this my salary is not enough.’ Ifeoma complained to the listening woman, ‘so what do you want to do?’ Kaffy asked but didn’t give Ifeoma time to reply ‘Is anyone asking you out?’.
‘Ah no Kaffy, I rarely come out, and when I do, it is to go to the market with my madam – well, apart from those broke niggas in the house,’ Ifeoma replied, Kaffy laughed, Ifeoma continued ‘although Madam’s daughter, her husband was talking to me, but me, I don’t want to scatter anybody’s marriage and besides its once a year, they come from the US for holidays, Kaffy, I need money like on a monthly basis.’, Ifeoma concluded, sighing.
‘What of your madam’s husband?’ Kaffy asked.
Ifeoma’s eyes were wide opened ‘Oh no! not that nice man. Help me now.’
‘You sef chill, what do you think I was referring to, na so so sex full your mind.’ Kaffy chastised her friend, looking around and making sure the coast was clear, Kaffy went to where some newspapers were, and seductively bent to pick up the newspapers.
Ifeoma picked up on what her friend was showing her.

‘What will that one help me do?’ she asked, Kaffy replied ‘it will help you get money, but make sure you no go and do the do, since its like the man be better person and you dey respect am.’

Ifeoma nodded her head and gave it a try.
‘Chei Ifeoma, where was I when baba god was giving nyash!’ Kaffy said teasing her friend, ‘the one you dey carry nko.’ Ifeoma replied, as they both laughed.
‘Don’t forget me when the money starts coming oh.’ Kaffy said, bidding her friend farewell as she left.

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