Episode 18


“I am going for choir practise, I will be back later this evening as soon as I am doing.” Ifeoma told her husband, Andy.

The physical exertion was doing a number on the participants.

The elderly man in his late fifties, was not the agile runner he was in his youth; the voluptuous woman, was still somewhat young being in her late twenties, she was heavily endowed with thick thighs and an even thicker and bigger bum.
“Sir, what has come over you?” the woman cried out, running around the table in the master-bedroom, “Stop running, and I will tell you.” The man replied laughing, enjoying the chase.

“My husband does not need the job again, let me go home.” The lady said, “No problem, but I will tell your husband that I didn’t see you during choir practise, eh, Ifeoma.” The man replied, almost catching her.

Chief Eze had first met Ifeoma during an evening mass, not met actually, more like spotted her bending carelessly to pick up her wallet from a distance. The sight of her huge butt0ckz, in such an ‘unladylike’ position drove the millionaire mad with lust.
“Sir, you wish to join the choir?” the priest asked looking surprised, not wanting to offend the church’s biggest donor, he assigned him to the church choir. Chief Eze was a great asset to the church unit, taking upon himself, all of their expenses.
“I know Eze is a generous man, all I am saying is please, we should throw ourselves upon any one man, I will go and see him at my own time and I know he will assist me, Ifeoma.” Andy told his wife, who was pushing him to meet the wealthy man for assistance.

Ifeoma paused to catch her breath, her clothes was soaked with sweat; Chief Eze slowed down to catch his breath also, but then he realised all he needed was one quick dash with all his might.

So he made a quick dash.
Ifeoma felt like she had been hit by raging bull. The thud on the bed would have been audible had it not been for the rain failing, outside.

“Okay my dear, come on Saturday by 3pm and then from there, we will just go for choir practise, together.” Chief Eze said, “Sir, it will look somehow, if we are both coming to church, together…” Ifeoma interjected.
Chief Eze realised what he had just said, and agreed with her, she would leave first lest anyone assumed that any bad had gone down.
It was now getting late and her benefactor was yet to arrive, she could forfeit her choir practise but she needed this desperately, she convinced herself.

If only GSM Phones existed back then.
Ifeoma fell with a loud ‘thud’ on the bed, collapsing it.

As though her shortness of breath wasn’t discomforting, she had now suddenly and violently on a hard bed with her full weight.
Tears dropped from her eyes, as she shook like a worm that had just come in contact with salt. Her assaulter looked on, in lust, as he began to UnCloth.

“I am so sorry, for coming late,” Chief Eze apologised, “your husband has the job, I even have his employment letter, please come and collect it, so that you can still catch up with choir practise.”

Ifeoma thanked him, and despite knowing better, she followed him to his room.

Gasping for air, her back aching her and now this hefty man on her, Ifeoma couldn’t believe her misfortune. The Chief tried to plant a kiss on the sweaty face of the woman, underneath him, while simultaneously manoeuvring to be in-between her large thighs, which he managed to do.
“Madam, time is going, the sooner we do the do and done, the better.” Chief Eze said as he managed to successfully plant a kiss on Ifeoma’s lips, but she motioned that she wished to speak and he let go.

“What will you do for me, if I do it with you?,” Ifeoma asked, “I will employ your husband,” Chief Eze replied, Ifeoma sighed.
“Okay, you know what, not just the job, I will give you 100,000 naira.” Chief Eze said.
When he came back, Ifeoma was under the duvet, her clothes and undies were on the floor. He smiled and showed her payment.

The Chief undressed and joined Ifeoma in bed.
They shared a kiss. Ifeoma reached out to her lover’s manhood and gently massaged it and then proceeds to sU-Ck it good.

The man realises what’s afoot and tells her to stop, his c-m is not for her mouth but for the depths of her honeypot.

He then climbs on her, and lifts her thick thighs apart, exposing her honeypot lips in all its glory.

She rests her thighs on his shoulders, as he holds his erect Manhood and guides it to her honeypot’s entrance and slowly strokes it – up and down.

Slowly but surely the lips begin to part.
With the hard head of his Manhood, he pushes his manhood in and in an awkward turn of events, it finds its way, all the way in.
Chief Eze is shocked, he expected a much tighter honeypot as Ifeoma was thick around the thighs, but it didn’t matter to the Hot man, as he rammed his manhood into the now moist sex organ.

Ifeoma m0aned not because the sex was awesome, but just so that her penetrator would feel good about himself, his manhood was rather disappointing.

“My leg is paining me.” Ifeoma says, not offering any alternative but this was just an opportunity for her lover to try something new. A month before he had walked in on his son, helping himself to the wife of his security guard – she was on her hands and knees, while his son was kneeling behind her and moving his waist forward while her butt0ckz bounced furiously.

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