Episode 9

By now Ifeoma was interested in the conversation, having paused her “looking around” of the mansion.
‘My brother, you know, a lot of things came up, I will definitely repay the loan.’ Chidi said very embarrassed and now looking away. Ifeoma looked on as though this was a surprise, perhaps it was, one thing I knew about my soon to be ex-friend Chidi, was his ability to package himself.

I turned to Ifeoma and spoke to her for a while, with Chidi once a while interjecting, not wanting to give away his anger about my line of questioning.

‘Do you know how to prepare Nkwobi ?’ I asked the voluptuous woman, who answered in the affirmative. I nodded my head.
Chidi announced ‘Ah, Chief, lets start going, we need to prepare for tomorrow’s farming, we will need to plant some seeds on the soil…’

What happened next, must have been the coldest things I ever said.
‘Okay, no problem, but let Ifeoma stay back, to help me prepare Nkwobi – that is after she goes to market and gets the items.’ I said, looking at Ifeoma.

Without even looking at her husband, Ifeoma said ‘Okay sir, I will wait and collect the money for the items, and then come back to prepare it.’

Chidi stood there, speechless, smiled and nodded his head and left.

I waited a while, before summoning the gate-man.
‘Lock that gate, don’t let anyone, I repeat anyone in.’ I said, instructing the gate-man.
I returned to the parlour, only to see the object of my lust admiring my family pictures.
‘Your wife is fine.’ Ifeoma said, ‘I know, but you have something she doesn’t have.’ I replied.

‘what?’ Ifeoma asked, I replied ‘this!’ grabbing her from behind and pressing my erect manhood against her butt0ckz. ‘Chief!’ Ifeoma said giggling, ‘I will show you another thing, your wife lacks.’.

‘Really.’ I replied, as I led her to the master bedroom.
We got in and undressed.
Ifeoma’s thighs were all covered by stretch marks, her butt0ckz too.

She held my erect manhood and went on her knees and s—-d it, while fingering herself – it was my first mouth-action, it was divine. My manhood got even harder and was becoming like a beast, ready to devour her.

I watched her from behind, as her big behind moved as she walked to the bed and went on her hands and knees, and parted her fat, stretch-mark covered thighs for me, to see her red, wet dripping honey-pot.
I climbed in-between her legs, and guided my manhood into the opening, she m0aned as its head made contact with its lips.
I held her waist, as I pushed it in.

This was doggy-style, I had done it before with Rita, one of the sales-girl in my wife’s saloon. It made sense with women, with big butt0ckz.

Soon all of my manhood, was buried deep in Ifeoma’s honeypot.
I felt her big butt0ckz slam against my body.
I never lasted in this position.
15 minutes later, I released my semen deep inside Ifeoma.

I should have known better, when she got home, she never went close to her husband and when she missed her period – she wasted no time in revealing that a wealthy man, had impregnated her and was going to make her his newest wife.

Three years later.

As I stood by the door, I looked at mother and child cuddled-up, fast asleep.
‘Now, for that maid called Idara.’ I said to myself, smiling, gently massaging my bulging manhood as I made my way to the maid’s room.

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