Episode 11

The female voice replied “when you leave Mike’s mother and marry me, abeg, Charles no pour inside me, that’s how your poured inside me…’

Mike sneezed, and there was quiet.

Mike ran out with his shin-guard, and pretended nothing happened, he had to pretend, his dad kept asking him, if he had returned “I was taking a nap in the study-room when I heard someone open the door.”

“Oh no Dad. Wasn’t me.” Mike replied, as he walked past his Aunt who seemed to act suspiciously.
Rose had her hand on her mouth.
“One day, I finally lay my trap. I tell my dad that that fateful Friday was my S.S.3 Farewell party, and it would last all evening. He gives me cash and instructs me to get the actual date of the graduation, so he and mum can attend. I nod my head, and head to school for my party,” Mike says moving away to hide the growth in his shorts, Rose begins to wonder if she had not just stirred up some bad memories unwittingly “Aunt Sharon was the only one at home, and I had instructed the gateman, to let me know when my dad was back.”

Mike continued “I waited in the game-center, playing Fifa 2019 when the call came in – I looked at my watch, it would be 20 minutes for to get home, I waited for 10 minutes before I began to head home. Sweat dripped down my face, as I thought of what I could even do.”

Mike motioned for his wife, Rose to come over and instructed her to touch her toes, while he held her waist and dry-humped her “Geez, what the fcuk.” Rose said, as her husband re-enacted the scene from his memory.
“Her bum was much bigger though,” Mike said, to which Rose gave him a playful push with her own bum.

Mike relieved the memory.

“Lawrence, if you had given me this pill, I wont have gotten pregnant.” The woman holding onto the chair said, as her big butt0ckz bounced off the man, making love to her, “Ahahan were you not also sleeping with your husband, it could have been him.” The man said in his defence.
“So you have forgotten that through out last year’s Easter, you were pouring it in me, almost everyday, I even stopped enjoying my husband’s manhood because of your own.” Sharon replied ina low seductive tone.
The man replied: “For real?! Oya take some banana!”

Sharon praised the man’s manhood: “its so thick and fat, who pour your semen in me, give me belle, oh yes!”
“I watched as my dad ejaculated into his wife’s half-sister or was it step-sister, anyway he emptied his load, only to turn and see me putting something in my pocket.” Mike said, sighing, he seized my phone and went through it, but I had already hidden it in “secured folder” my folder of naughty things.”

“That evening he sent for me, and justified himself – when you do good things for people, people do good things for you, I was shocked but I just kept to myself and left them to karma.” Mike concluded.

“And did karma ever catch up with them?” Rose asked, applying her eye-drops.
“Oh yes it did, in the form of three armed robbers. Business before pleasure, the leader said to the other two, but they other two wanted pleasure before business, when they couldn’t agree – they all opted for pleasure. I heard she kept on insisting that she was not the wife, like go and rape my mum. I heard and don’t tell anyone – my dad’s driver and the gate-man took turns on their way to the hospital.” Mike said sipping his sparkling water.

Rose eye’s opened wide: “You are kidding me!”

“No I am not. So why the interest in my Aunt Sharon?” Mike asked.

“My dad, he is in the village for the Council of Chiefs,” Rose says, as she dials a number, “Okay?” Mike replied, “Your Aunty Sharon is the one, your cousin recommended to be cooking for him!” Rose says as she screams.

Mike’s eyes opens “My cousin, her daughter! Recommended her to you.”. Rose nods her head as she her father doesn’t pick up her calls.


Phone rings.
“Why is Rose calling me.” The Chief says as he lays in bed, his manhood covered in dried honey from a honey-pot.
He turns to the naked voluptuous woman laying next to him.
“This has been the best one week of my life! Don’t worry about pregnancy or anything of that sort, I will take care of you and the product of our “please stay behind cook nkwobi” sessions.” Pa Rose says to the smiling Aunt Sharon.

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