Episode 10

“You never talk about your Aunt, Aunt Sharon.” Mike’s wife said to her husband, as he did his night exercises.

Mike replied “Well, that’s because there’s nothing to talk about,” slowing the treadmill down, “what would you like to know?” he said pulling his headphone, off from his head.

“How was she like, who was she like.” Mike’s wife said, readjusting herself on the comfy bed, holding the dusty album.
“On the good side, she taught my sister the native Ogbia dance.” Mike said smiling, his wife laughed and did some moves while on the bed, Mike laughed hard “thank goodness, men are not required to dance that much.” He said.
“She led the praise & worship during morning devotion, and home fellowship with frog voice.” Mike said tauntingly, “Oh come on, her voice was not that bad.” His wife said rebuking the taunt.
Mike shrugged.

“So was it the frog voice that put you off of her?” Mike’s wife asked.
“No.” he replied.
“I never liked her, for some reason, mum told me she was her half-sister, so maybe that was why.” Mike tried to distract from the topic – “if that was the case, your mum won’t have let her stay in her marital home.” Mike’s wife, Rose countered.
“Actually her husband got a job in Abuja, where we were staying, so his wife, my half-aunt or is it aunt? Asked if e could stay with us, pending when he got his own accommodation – mum said sure.” Mike said, wiping the sweat off of his face, “I guess when one puts his foot in the door, the rest follows in.”

Mike drank a glass of Orange Juice.
Mike said “Aunt Sharon had come to visit her husband during the Easter holidays. She was to leave after the day after Easter Monday, to resume at work in Bayelsa on the 24th of April. My dad was due to buy the bus tickets on the 23rd, my mum called him many times but he didn’t pick that was strange as my dad was on leave at the time, and at home, the only other person at home but had gone to the market was Aunt Sharon, she didn’t pick also – when she finally picked, she said she had had the phone in her bag and was in the market, but that as soon as she had returned home, she would inform my dad, that my mum had called.”
“Oh okay.” Rose replied.
“Not long after my mum spoke to Aunt Sharon, my dad called.” Mike continued “and that’s how she spent two years in my parent’s home with her husband. Whenever I talked with my dad, I would ask when she would go, my old man would laugh and say soon, but that is the sacrifice one has to make in life, to make others comfortable.”

“I would nod my head in agreement.” Mike smiled, “How I wish I met your dad, so much wisdom.” Rose said, as she looked at the picture.

“Then I would go out to play soccer with my friends, one day, I forgot shin-guard and ran back into the house, about 15 minutes after I had left. Of course, by now I was in S.S.3 and I knew the sound of people banging, yeah I was watching mojo.” Mike said, doing a crazy face, to ward off the look of disgust from his wife “Ewww” Rose said.
Mike remembers what he heard from behind the locked Guestroom Door.

“Bang me harder, bang me very well,” said the female voice, “you are very sweet, why don’t you leave that wretched man and marry me,” the male voice said.

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